Monday, September 22, 2008

Annie.......The Protector

Whenever Abby is here Miss Annie is on patrol. She keeps a sharp eye on Abby and when we finally go to bed she is sure to be curled up beside her or right at her feet in the bed. And she does not get OUT of bed until Abby gets up. She speaks volumes for the Boxer breed.




Look how precious she is!


It is amazing how she looks out after my Abby. But not really. If you know anything about the Boxer breed it blends right in. And somehow I think Annie feels the love as well!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

No doubt she feels it in a child-like, wonderful way without all the complexity we adults like to add.

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful story.

Well done.


dAAve said...

You really do a nice job with your pics and short stories.

Scott W said...

I really do believe a dog brings God to focus in our lives. That protective posture is another aspect of man's best friend.

Anonymous said...

I think that those 2 little rascals probably share some funny secrets, as well! I recognize those sly little smiles!

Lou said...

I wish I had big (but sweet) dog to protect me. Lucky Abby.

J-Online said...

Beautiful little ones! And look at Abbie's new pink shoes!

Amy said...

Love the pink shoes!!

Oh... and they are quite a cute pair together.... that's a great picture to frame.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

From that last pic you can see how onery those two are!

MichelleSG said...

I love the boxer breed, they are fabulous protectors. My Jayne did not leave my side when I came back from brain surgery. He made sure I was ok when showering, he waited for me at the top of the stairs to make sure I could make it down ok and followed me everywhere. Just an awesome breed of dog. Known as the clowns I think they are often over looked for their protective nature.
Sweet pics!

Ness said...

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by my blog! Have added you to my rss feed, I love blogs that include horses :)

Pam said...

gosh I want that dog !!!!!!!!