Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cold, but getting a bit warmer

We did get a bit of snow last night. Maybe an inch but none stuck to the roads. It was much too wet for that. It is 32 outside now and continues to get warmer which is a good thing.

Joe has taken Steph to the animal shelter for her volunteer work today. She went for an hour after school yesterday and loved it. She seems to be excited about working with these babies with no homes. Some of you commented that they wouldn't be able to do this work because it can be so sad. Stephanie doesn't look at it like that. She looks at it as an opportunity to help them. Whatever she can do to make their lives better she will do. She is an animal lover to the core. That just makes me love her even more. I will pick her up at 2pm then run over to a department store in Mayfield that carries Clinique as I need some new makeup. I spend about $20 per year on makeup. I don't think Joe can complain about that! I am anxious to hear what she does today and also about the animals at the shelter.

Have I mentioned to yall how vocal Patty is? She will sit down about 4' from you and just start talking. Not barking, the kind of noise that dogs make when they hear something like a harmonica being played. It is very charming and unique to all of our boxers we have had. If I could ever figure out how to put a video on here I would put one of her talking. Dave? Can you help on that item?

I was asleep last night by 7pm. But I didn't get into bed until almost 9pm. That recliner and the fire going was just all too comfy to move! Steph kept telling me "Mom, go to bed" and I kept telling her I would. After I finally went to bed I slept until almost 9am this morning. This is becoming a regular thing for me on Friday after working all week. Apparently my body just gives out by then.

Let's all have a fabulous weekend and remember to smile at strangers and loved ones alike.


Lou said...

Somebody in your large family must know how to post a video! I want to see Patty talk;)

Bill said...

I want a video of Patty, too!
I'm also looking forward to hearing more about Steph's volunteer work with the critters. Bless her heart.

Scott W said...

It should be easy through Windows Live Writer. It's what I use now to post through. You just download it, fill in the info and use it instead of Blogger dashboard. I love it.

Leann said...

The animals are fortunate to have your daughter and people like her. My granddaughter is the same way. She loves animals no matter what. She will fight to the death for them.

This is the first time I've been here and found it through Andrew. I'll be back :-)


Carroll Farm said...

That is so awesome, Steph will be having a ton of fun!! I can't wait to hear more stories.

Syd said...

I totally understand the Friday fatigue. I too feel that way on Saturday morning.