Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sickness in the air

I am still struggling with a cold and now Steph has it and Joe is feeling puny too. She was able to do her volunteer work at the animal shelter today though. I don't think there is much that would prevent her from doing that. The little girl puppy Nala that I spoke about last week didn't make it. She had been sick with a respiratory problem. She had a home to go to, they were just waiting for her to get better but she didn't make it. Poor thing. Is it so sad to hear the stories about the various animals that end up at the shelter. I told Steph that at least little Nala was taken care of during her time there, was loved on and never went hungry or cold. I don't guess the population will ever get the pet responsibility. There will always be some that don't care. At least most of the animals that come into the shelter do find a home. Steph told me that a man came in this morning to adopt a dog. He had just lost his dog and was very emotional about it. He ended up adopting a sweet dog and the volunteers were very happy for him. It's stories like This that keep their hopes up for the dogs and cats.

When we got home Steph took some Claridin D and Tylenol for her headache. We were going to go out to eat tonight but needless to say that has been nixed. I laid out some chicken breasts to make chicken fried chicken but I think that will wait until tomorrow. Or I will do something else with them. No one has much of an appetite tonight.

Ryan has a date tonight with one of the hostess' at Red Lobster where he works. He is excited about it. He has had his eye on this girl for a few weeks now and is happy to be able to get to know her better. He has also renewed an old friendship with a girl that our family is crazy about. His first teenage love...Olivia. They dated for a year in high school. She is a great influence in his life and I am excited that they are friends again.

I am seeing my son make new friends and get real satisfaction from his job. He loves this job and excels in it. Every time I have talked with him this past week he has been sober and fun to talk to. I really enjoyed visiting him at his new apartment the other evening after work. It was one of those things where you don't realize how long you've been there because you are enjoying yourself so much. That was how it was. It was great. Great to see him like he is. Eyes clear, big smiles on his face when he shared stories about his work. I swear I don't think there is anything in the world better than to see one's child starting to 'get it.' He is realizing just how good life can be if he stays sober. Now that my friends is just about as good as it gets. At least in my little world.


Syd said...

Hope you all feel better. Good for Ryan. All sounds like it is going well.

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to catch up. I am so happy for Ryan and for you too!

Bill said...

I hope everyone in your household feels 100% hale & hardy very soon. I'm happy to hear about Ryan, and just said a little prayer for him.

Steph is doing important work. We can't save every abused animal. We can't save everyone suffering from a severe disease. But we can be kind and strong for them.