Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

What can I say? Joe and I were privileged to have our Abby with us from Thursday until today when her mommy finally got home from Ohio.

While she was at our house we had some kind of fun. Joe helped her put together a puzzle.





Friday Joe and Abby had a ball. He filled up the kiddie pool the night before so it could warm up by the time she wanted to get in.



Then he got a shovel and broke up some dirt that had accumulated on our porch from the rains and made a big pile for her to play in with her trucks.






Hey Papa Joe, wanna know what I'm thinking? This was a question we must have heard at least 50 times this weekend.


I love you.



Honestly, we both heard that all weekend. Replace Papa Joe with Grandmother or Sissy (what she calls Stephanie) and that was it. Sometimes she would mix it up and say something like, "I'd like to eat a sandwich, or, let's go ride on the golf cart."


Annie sure is interested in what she is doing. What is she doing anyway?


We didn't go anywhere in particular. We mostly hung out around the house but you see, that is one thing that we love so much about having Abby here. She doesn't care anything about watching TV (until she is getting tired) or playing with toys or anything like that. She likes to do the kind of things that Joe and I did when we were kids, and that was to be outside and just be a kid! It is a really nice change from what we hear from family and friends as to what their kids/grandkids like to do. For that I am grateful.

Happy tears to come later on today!


Scott W said...

How cute! She's feminine but likes to play with trucks!

Bill said...

Joe should Paint Abby's trucks pink.

It's great that she likes to play outside. She won't be one of those kids that is stunned with boredom if the power goes out.