Saturday, August 23, 2008 never know what he is going to do!

And that's the truth. Sometimes he runs and bucks and farts, sometimes he is only interested in Annie and telling her secrets but there is one thing you can count on from him. He is a BULLY!


It looks like Annie is wanting to chat with Jones for a bit.


Me me me, it's all about me! Ignore the pretty mare. I am the important one.


Then he turns into the Hulk, aka the bully.


When I was looking at this mare I told the owner that we had a very dominant gelding at home. She assured me this mare would take care of him and rule the pasture. Uh, NOT. I bought a horse last year, a very nice gaited saddle horse but Dakota ruined him. I guess it didn't help that we had a little filly also (Joe's idea, the horse was beautiful but had never been handled). The saddle horse I bought was beautiful and had wonderful gaits. His name was Jasper. But, as you can see, he couldn't tackle big ole Dakota.


Here's another picture of my sweet boy.


This is Son, my daughter's first horse. He taught her so much and she learned to ride on him. He was the best riding horse I have ever been one. I miss him.

Steph loving Son

Steph on Son 4

Here is Dakota watching over his beloved Jetty, the filly I was talking about.

Dakota & Jetty

Jasper and Son buddied up really quick. After all, ole bully was "in love" with the filly.


One of Steph's best friends, Nicki, fell in love with Son. If she had somewhere to keep him I was willing to give him to her but alas, she didn't have anywhere.


Here is a pretty decent picture of Jetty. Isn't she beautiful?


She was only 3 years old and would have made a great horse for Abby but I was not about to put my precious on a horse that had not been handled at all. Even if she did go to the trainer I would have never trusted her with Abby.

Speaking of my precious look at this. It was taken last winter. Someone loves her Graaaaandmother!!

Copy of DSC01463


Victoria Cummings said...

Hi TB - Thanks for stopping by to visit. Annie is a pretty girl. How does she get along with Dakota? Horses are like people with their personality preferences. I'm lucky that I've got a mother/daughter combo so they really get along great, but Silk is usually attracted to the prickly pear mares when she's in a herd. Siete is every boy's sweetheart, not to mention two legged males like my husband. Have fun with your grandchild!

Scott W said...

I love her Graaaaandmother, too!

coffeypot said...

I wish I had a place to keep horses, mainly for my granddaughter, Bug. Actually, I wish I had the money it takes to own horses. Now that would be nice.

Anonymous said...

I just love the photos of the girls with horses. The expression on Nicki's face says it all. That must be a great horse.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great, great pictures.

Thanks for sharing.


Lou said...

Horses, horses everywhere. You are scaring me to death with these pics,TB.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Scott W. is just prejudice. Between you and MC today is Grandmothers Day. Horsies, Doggies, Grandbaby, That is the life. Enjoy it.

Bill said...

I hope you are enjoying a serene, relaxing weekend!
I'm confident that Joe knows better than to pee on the toilet seat.

melissa said...

Such wonderful pictures! Love that last one especially!
I hope you have a stressless weekend!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures,we have a bully too, we call him the terminator. Love the picture of you and your granddaughter,I have one that's 3 too, aren't they great!

Pam said...

beautiful pics !
You really are quite the photographer!
PS: on your comment on my post-Oh girl I tried the "don't give him attention" game for well over a year. It did not help even in the slightest little bit.
He comes to me everyday no matter what. So I must poke at him occasionally. I simply must.