Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Apple A Day

keeps me and Abby happy! We did our usual this weekend. By our usual I mean took a long ride on the golf cart. That included going to our neighbor's to get yummy apples from their trees. While we were there we picked up some off of the ground for the horses.







I want to give the horses their apples Grandmother. Have at it kiddo!

But first I want to play with this lead rope. I like playing with ropes.







Look at Jones' mouth when she eats the apples. There is green foam around it. That is weird Grandmother. **Pam, warning, equine mouths are next**




I love you Grandmother.


My Abby is like that. She will just say "I love you Grandmother" or Papa Joe or Sissy or whoever. She really does. It is most endearing and it makes me want to snatch her up and hug her until her head pops off. Well not literally. A headless granddaughter might be just a tad bit weird. But she is very loving just like her momma. Not that I am prejudice or anything!

She's good for what ails ya'


Lou said...

You unabashadly happy granny!

PS-what were those dogs watching on TV?? Maybe you should make them watch PBS.

Trailboss said...

I have no idea WHAT they were watching lou. Probably some weird show that Steph had on. They like Animal Planet best!

Amy said...

What a sweetie she is... my youngest daughter will just pop out an 'I love you' at the strangest, but most perfect times. Makes me melt! But then again, pretty much everything she does makes me melt - I guess since I know she's the kaboose of my kiddos, I am trying to hold on to every moment of her life.

I'm so glad you have Abby to entertain you...LOL...that whay my mother thinks my kids are for - her entertainment! lol

Cat said...

I can only hope that when I have time to fill in my life I have a beautiful grandchild to do it with like you do!

Pam said...

Thanks...I put my hand over my eyes and then peeked thru my fingers. :)

Scott W said...

Abby has a booger on her chin, just like her Grandmother used to have in that school picture.

Trailboss said...

Must be that imaginary booger So. Just like the one I had (not) in my school picture. I swear you and Mike. UGH

Scott W said...