Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pups are a playin'

I never get tired of watching my pups run and play. And I never get tired of taking their pictures while they run and play. This weekend was no exception. While Abby rode her trusty tricycle they played and ran and played some more.







Hey!! Sista......come and get it!




I love it when they act like bears. Does anyone else have dogs that do this?



Hey, give me that. Did anyone else notice who had the pretty the entire time? Yes, Miss AllAboutMeSophie. She has to have whatever Annie has and does not quit until she has it. Yes, I love my dogs....and my horses.....and my family.....and living in America.


MichelleSG said...

That bear thing is a classic boxer behavior, it's where they got their name! My beasts do it all the time. Of course Jaynie always wins though because he's like a head taller than Roxie. Cheater!

Lou said...

I see those dogs get a lot of exercise. They are in really good shape.

peanut said...

Hi. I guess your area under your nose is healing?

And I suppose the wait is for the lab test, yes?

Well, I still hope and pray that all is well.

I saw a photo of two black Boxers the other day at the Dr's office. Then each had a whit blaze down their face. They were beautiful ! I had no idea Boxers came in black. They were not purchased here in Houston - somewhere North.

Love to watch your lovely country living through your pictures !

Have a Blessed day.

Trailboss said...

Peanut, true black boxers are quite rare. I have only seen a handful in my life.

I go to the dr tomorrow to have stitches removed from my nose. Hopefully they will have the pathology report. Where they did the punch biopsy is infected. Lovely huh? It still hurts a bit but that can be cleared up with medication. I hope to hear good news tomorrow. I will pass on any news good or bad.

Syd said...

Those are some muscular dogs. Boxers have the art of playing down.

Zanejabbers said...

The huggy thing is priceless.

Scott W said...

I love having you as a sister!