Monday, October 13, 2008

Change in plans again and am I ever so glad I did!

Friday night I didn't do much at all. My face was still really swollen and it didn't feel very well so we stayed in and went to bed early. But Saturday........Saturday proved to be a GREAT day!

It started out by me going to town to pick up my precious. After I got her we went to Big Lots and did a bit of shopping. Yes, I bought her something.....a new PINK ball. She had picked up a purple portable fan of all things that she wanted but when she saw the pink ball with Disney princess' on it she decided to get it instead. She was so funny narrating the entire exchange. She was saying "Ok, I want the pink ball so I will put this down (the purple fan) right here, then we will get this ball here." When we got to the car she HAD to see the blowup headless horseman outside on the sidewalk so I drove slowly past it.


He he he Grandmother, I like that.


Grandmother? Can we go across the road to the big cow thing?

Of course my precious. Whatever you want is my command.

I'll go get on it and you can take my picture!



Is it real Grandmother?


Hey! Look! It has those things hanging down like Sophie does. You know the Mommy things.


I see that Abby. Let's go home ok?


Abby.....come on and stop making silly faces. Ok Grandmother, let's go to the country!

We set off to the country singing and talking and generally just being silly, which is one of mine and Abby's better qualities!


Cat said...

Oh now that has got to be the cutest baby face I have ever seen - how wonderful you get to spend time with her in your life!!! Cat

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. Of course that little girl bursting with sunshine makes everyone feel better!

Scott W said...

Of course you're silly, that is the Woodard in you! Abby I suppose got hers by osmosis.

Zanejabbers said...

Thank goodnes it was not a bull? I never get too many pictures of Abby. I have a niece named Becky who is now 54. SHe had the cutest little voice when she was little. Rosalie was on Metrocal (a diet drink of the 50's)
Becky: Mama whats that.
Rosalie: It's Metrocal
Becky: what does it do.
Rosalie: It's going to make me skinny (as she drank the glass)
Becky: (turning her head one way and then the next, put her hands of her hips and said: Hmmm Doesn't work does it.)
She was about 3 at the time.