Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the?

Abby had some more of her Fruit Loop straws while she was at our house this past weekend. These things are the weirdest straws I have ever seen.



She sucked milk out, ate part of the 'straw' and generally played with it.


Then I noticed something. She was not right. She started getting out of the chair and I swear it was like she had been sucking whiskey from the glass.


I quickly checked the glass to assure there was no hanky-panky going on.


No, nothing but some Abby smudges on it. Whatever could it be? How was I going to explain this? Joe was apt to come walking in at any minute and Heaven forbid if he were to see his granddaughter like this. I quickly came up with a scheme. You all know I am good on my feet (or on my arse as in the New China caper).

Quick Abby, drink all of the "milk!"


Then we will hop in the bed and pretend to take a nap. Well, I will pretend, you will more than likely pass out.

I decided to try one more thing. I tasted the milk. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was just plain ole 2% milk. Whew! I told Abby that was a close one. Of course Abby being Abby just looked at me like "Grandmother, really!"


I am thinking of sneaking the Fruit Loop straws directly into the trash before she comes over again. I can't handle any more scares like this!


Cat said...

That last picture is beautiful! Her eyes - her eyes! I do hope she got some shut eye after the treat!

Amy said...

OMG... I've been laughing hysterically at this... especially after seeing the pic of Abby looking like she's had a few too many.... ROFL!!!

I'm still laughing - out loud - everyone walking by my office thinks I've had a few too many also! LOL

Thanks for the laugh!

MichelleSG said...

Hey man, you never know what they've been sneaking them cows...
The kid went through the cereal straw phase a few months back. Boy did they make a mess. The kids never seem to eat the dang things, they just particalize them. I'm not so sure about them....

Zanejabbers said...

I'm sure glad the last picture was not of her in her "Fruit Loop Stupor".

Syd said...

Don't those things have a lot of sugar? She has those moody blue eyes.

Trailboss said...

Syd, I'm sure they do have a lot of sugar but that is part of my job as Grandmother. To provide as much sugar and candy and the like before we send her home!

Lou said...

Those straws are really bizarre. Didn't they come from the Dollar Store..instead of throwing them in the trash, maybe burying them would be better.

dAAve said...

tRicK oR trEaT

Callie said...

Eeegads! What will they come up next? Fruit loop straws! LOL