Thursday, October 30, 2008

I can offically say......

That having no caffeine SUCKS! I didn't do well at all yesterday, in fact I said screw it. But on the way home I decided that I had best put on my big girl pants and go with it. I stopped at the store and got a 12 pack of Sprite and diet Sunkist Orange.....yum on the orange. When I got home Joe and Steph asked me if the orange had caffeine in it. I assumed it didn't but we all know what assuming does. So I got online and discovered much to my dismay that is does in fact contain caffeine. Damnit Janet (name that movie)! I switched to Sprite and went to bed early.

This morning I brought some Sprite with me to work and have been drinking it this morning. I got the regular, not diet Sprite. I thought that I deserved the good shit if I had to give up my cola for 3 damn days.

I am pleased however, to be able to report that as of now there is no headache! Knock on Wood please, thank you.

I know that I am being a complete baby about this but dadgum it, when a person has drank caffeine every day for more years than I care to admit it is hard, really hard. I am just glad that I gave up coffee 10 years ago. I can't have anything dark, cola, tea or coffee, that type of thing.

Have you ever had anyone bitch so much about a piss test? With the exception of the begrudged employee who pissed dirty in a test at work! At least I don't have that problem. See, one more thing I can find positive in an otherwise sucky day.

Oh, and to top off this very depressing post I went to the eye doctor yesterday. He changed my script in one eye for my contacts and now I can see better at a distance but I have to wear my reading glasses (which are cheapies from the Dollar Store and might I mention not very attractive) to see the computer or anything close up. Geez, I'll be thinking about what else I can rant about ok?


MichelleSG said...

Rocky Horror Picture Show, just in case anyone didn't get that!
I gave up caffeine a long time ago. Then some 5 months after having brain surgery I started getting migraines so they put me on topamax and it makes all carbonated drinks taste like baking soda dissolved in water. I can't even taste the sugar, it's just awful. So no soda for me, which bites. I suppose I could look at it like a diet of sorts but really now, if I wanted to go on a diet I'd damn well go on a diet. So I'm weening myself off of the stuff and hoping my brain will just shut itself up.
Good luck with that pee test!

Rising Rainbow said...

I swore of the caffine thing. I was miserable at first but now I'm really glad that I did.

It'll get easier, I swear.

Cat said...

Gah I cannot imagine - I get migraines when I got 24 hours without - its my own little addiction thing.

Bill said...

I think you should go steal some Chinese food to get your mind off your troubles.

The Dammit, Janet quotation was too easy. See if you can guess this one:
Oh, really? Did she like it?

(hint: it's a good Halloween selection from our childhood)

Syd said...

I don't do coffee either. Occasionally a diet Coke but mostly seltzer is all.

Scott W said...

I knew both references. If you didn't get Bill's, go here:

My first guess about the Orange soda was did it have caffeine. They are notorious for adding that stuff in. And forget about Mountain Dew, that stuff will blow your head off!

Bill said...

Damn that brother of can't put anything over on him. I can't believe he found the actual clip from the movie.

dAAve said...

Rant on. It's YOUR blog!

and by the way, me thinks Scott and Bill have way too much time on their hands.

Jen said...

Hey...I think I saw Abby at Walmart yesterday. I could be wrong...but it looked like her....funny.

Trailboss said...

Jen, if it was the southside one it probably was. She was wearing a light green shirt (the same one in the recent straw pictures) and jeans.