Friday, October 24, 2008

Dr Visit

I saw my wonderful doctor yesterday. Even though I had to wait forever to see him it proved to be worth it. I told him all about his PA and how I did not appreciate the way he talked to me and that I never, ever wanted to see him again. He said he would definitely speak to him about it.

He increased my BP meds and gave me a script for some kind of patch to wear a week at a time. He said that would help the BP and to calm me down. You see, my poor family, friends and co-workers have had to listen to Bitch Lisa the past few weeks or so. I thought it was just the menopause but Dr Turnbo confirmed that high blood pressure can produce bitchiness. Who knew? Now I have an excuse! Anytime I get that way I can tell Joe "oh, it must be my bp spiking!" I'm just kidding of course. He knows how I am and loves me anyway.

I will go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to see how the bp is. I also want to share with you what I need to do next weekend. Are you excited yet cause it's really neat. I'm lying, just like I am a food thief. Actually I have to collect a 24 hour urine thingy. I don't mind that so much but what I DO mind is that I can't have any caffeine or tea for THREE days prior to the pissing event. I'd best have plenty of migraine meds on hand cause I am so addicted to caffeine I will get a busting headache. But it is important to do this because the 'tumor' the idiot referred to is actually a swelling on the top of my left kidney and could produce more adrenaline therefore causing the elevated blood pressure. Makes sense huh? Dr Turnbo was able to explain it to me in layman's terms, you know, like I asked the idiot to?

On another note guess who I get this weekend!!!!!!!! I bet you will never guess. Ok, I'm lying again. You know who it is. It's my precious Abby. She is just the medicine that this woman needs. She puts a smile on my face and a skip in my walk. Skip in my walk? Where did that come from? Anyhoo, I'll let you guys know what the Dr says in 2 weeks.

Oh, and I appreciate the comments about the idiot and especially Bill's where he is gonna do away with the PA. hehehehehehe


kel said...

Oohhh my... 3 days without caffeine... Very Scary.

AlkySeltzer said...

No coffee? 3 days? I'd find a new doctor pronto.

(Old man talking) "In my day, there were no PA's, but my doctor DID have a nurse, and she knew more than he did-about everything. So until not too long ago, I thought PA meant "Patent Attorney".


Lou said...

I always worry about the person getting fired. Hey, you didn't put any tongue depressors in your purse, I hope.
I like the idea of Syd with egg rolls in his pants. That'll take care of those resentments & expectations!

Trailboss said...

No Lou I didn't. I did want the 2 prints on the wall in the exam room though. Oddly enough they wouldn't fit in my large purse.

Syd with egg rolls in his pants, now that is a picture huh?

Scott W said...

Well, Syd is cute and those egg rolls in his special place would make him all the more intriguing!

I am so glad you are getting some answers to your BP problems. I know that has been bothering you for a long time. And seriously, I would play the BP rising = bitch card for as long as possible.

I hope the New China restaurant doesn't read your blog!

Cat said...

No Caffine! I read everything but this screams off the page at me I really feel for you - I love my coffee...

Glad you got in so fast to see your doc - hope ya start to feeling better soon!

happy Weekend to ya!


AlkySeltzer said...

Re: Your comment on Pam's blog. Your comment:

Dad said "well, I have 2 boys so a girl would be nice" and that's what he got! A girl that looked JUST like him.

'roni says your father must have been a cutie (and I've never seen you, I swear! -grin-)

Karen said...

With all you've been through, now you have to go without caffeine for three days? Is there no justice? I'm glad you spoke up about the PA. People in the medical profession need to be held accountable. I'm glad you don't have a tumor and about the BP=bitchiness, can I borrow that excuse? I've used up all my others.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I'm playing catchup here...Glad you spoke up about the PA. The doctors really need to know what these ringdings are doing. I had one yoho prescribe an adult dose of amoxocillian to my daughter, which gave her an allergic reaction to it-although she was so resistant it took almost the whole bottle before she reacted. Now, she can never use the mildest form of antibiotic known, because of a MORON. And believe me you...I told on him big-time.

Uhhh...I realize you was kind of having fun at the Chinese buffet place, but they really will give you to-go boxes for the things on your plate.;) Crazy woman!!

Jen said...

You will have a major headache without caffeine....yuck yuck yuck, yeah though on getting Abby for the weekend......whoo hoo...keep us posted on urine thing...

Trailboss said...

becowgirl, they don't give doggy bags for the buffet. I wish they did because I could have my seafood delight the next day for lunch free! I reckon that is why they don't offer it.

Zanejabbers said...

Oh Ghurl. No caffeine for three days because you gott pee. The saying "GO PISS UP A ROPE" comes to mind. What a apost. High BP. Urine. and Abby. So glad you ended it on the highest of notes.

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are okay. I tried a zuccini in my pants one time and my wife just about fell out. It was pretty funny. Sick humor I guess.

Bill said...

Maybe you can score some LSD to tide you over while you can't drink coffee. You won't even notice the headache.

Scott is right. Syd is cute enough with or without things stuffed in his pants.

I'm glad you talked to the doctor about his PA. I was only able to round up a mob of two, and I was worried about the effectiveness of my plan.

peanut said...

Dear Lisa,

Oh, you poor baby. I am pretty addicted to my coffee too. I know the migraine headache you refer to but,
it's for the good.

I truly hope all is well when the results come in.

I guess I didn't read the Blog regarding the PA from Hell.

It's good you said something to the Dr. Perhaps some "bedside manners" courses will help.