Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Missin'

this girl right here.


Oh yes. I am having some serious Abby withdraws. She went to her Nana's house last Friday night. I called her mommy wanting to pick my precious up last week but I was told that her other grandmother was keeping her. That is a good thing though because Abby has not spent much quality time with her Nana. She has gone over there for a Sunday afternoon and/or dinner but has not spent the night there in a couple of years. I was pleased to hear that she had a fine time.

But now it's MY time! The last time she was here I got some precious shots of her on her tricycle. Naturally I will be happy to share them with you all.


Hi Grandmother!



There is just something about this look that cracks me up!


Hey Grandmother? Ya' know what I'm thinking?


No my precious, what are you thinking?


I'm thinking that it's time that I came out to the country for a spell. Whatcha think?


I'm thinking I'll be there to pick you up after work on Friday with bells on! It's gonna be a good weekend!


MichelleSG said...

Doesn't it just make you want to bail work on Friday?

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

You can't have too many pictures of your grandbaby. Our granddaughter, Juliet, is coming in tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon for the Balloon Fiesta. I can't wait.


Zanejabbers said...

NEVER too many pictures of Abby. You are so blessed. And her too.

Lou said...

You can call this week end All About Abby.

Pam said...

How giving of you to let the other grandmother have a few moments :)
Nothin' beats grandma lovin'.

Syd said...

She'll be there having fun with you soon. I'm sure that you and she will have a grand weekend.

Andrea said...

She is just too dang cute! I love her hair!! And she is soo lucky to have a grandma like you. My kids don't get to have a grandma spoil them. We live next door to my in laws but the "Grandma" is a Step "Grandma" and she isn't into my kids. It's sad. You are a wonderful grandma. She is lucky to have you!

Trailboss said...

Andrea, The strange thing here is that I AM a stepgrandma. But in our family we don't use the word Step. Abby is the daughter of my youngest step daughter but as far as I'm concerned we are all blood kin. Sorry about your situation. Your step mother-in-law is missing out bigtime. I can only imagine if Abby and her family lived next door. Well, she would be at my house 99% of the time!