Thursday, October 2, 2008

This one is weird even for me!

My dream I had last night that is. I dreamed for some reason we had moved to town to a small house across the street from where my dad's dental office was for years. The house was so small you could barely even get into the bathroom. In fact the sink in there overflowed every time you used it and the water was blue. Perhaps the Tidy Bowl man had been there in his boat and got confused.

I was out of work and had gone to a nearby day care to see if they needed anyone. They quickly told me that they didn't but one lady that worked there took to me and drove me back to my house where she invited herself in for a spell. I was trying to find the phone number to Adrian's Restaurant which I guess I thought was still next door to the house even though in real life it has been gone for years. There is an auto parts store there now.

People kept coming into the house and bothering me. Namely my son. He finally told me he was flying to another town to learn how to weld (even though he already knows how and is very good at it according to his father). I was happy that he had returned my bike that he had used and abused earlier in the day.

Then my daughter's horse Dakota was there. Apparently she or I had ridden him into town from our home where we live now (in real life). He got loose and a little boy that I didn't know almost ran into the busy highway to get him. I fussed at the little boy rubbing his head like a mother or grandmother would do. I remember thinking that the woman from the daycare should like that because it showed I was good with kids. But she didn't say anything and finally left.

There were also snakes on the front porch every morning. Copperhead snakes. One even had 2 heads. And they were green. My dogs kept killing them and I was scared to death that they would be bitten by the green snakes but somehow they were not.

My brother was visiting from Houston and apparently I had been sick and had some kind of test scheduled for Wednesday of that week. The same day he was going back to Houston. He called while the daycare lady was still there and she forgot what he said and I was pissed. Perhaps that didn't sit well with my prospective employer. I don't remember.

I finally woke up at 3:30am and had not moved an inch all night. I slept too hard perhaps because of the dream, perhaps because I was tired. Annie came to the bed to sleep with me. She got under the covers cause it was nice and cool in the room. I slept well until the alarm went off way too early for a human and I got up.

Now Pam knows why I like hearing about her dreams because she makes me feel sane. He he.


AlkySeltzer said...

I've stopped dreaming. Sometimes (now?) I'm happy about that.

Used to be what I thought and hoped might be a dream...well, it WASN'T!
Now those were the scary ones.

Thanks for writing, I'm here every day and need to keep up with these dream things!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sometimes I have detailed dreams like the one you described, in fact I had one the other night. I was driving a school bus and the only passengers were me and my Mom. It was snowing really hard and dark out too. I have no idea where we were going, but people were outside decorating Christmas trees with tennis balls! I will have to ask "T' any technical equine info on Sir Wyatt, I really have no idea.

Lou said...

I wish I knew why I do not dream.

Maybe because I spend a good portion of waking hours dreaming.

Cat said...

lately my dreams are just scary and feel so real - I wrote about one I had two nights ago that woke me up in a sweaty panic on my other blog - I suspect when our minds just get to tired they run amuk! Cat

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog:) You have a very nice blog as well. No I have never rode a horse but would like to one day I think they are so beautiful!! Have a great day

Karen said...

I dream so vividly every night, and it amazes me that my DH never remembers his dreams! Sometimes I wake up so exhausted. Last night was one of those nights. I have recurring dreams where I'm trying to dial a phone number and keep getting mixed up. There's always a sense of urgency about having to get through, and I wake up so tired. So, dream interpreters out there. What does it all mean?

Molls said...

Hi Trailboss! Thanks for visiting my blog. That is one crazy dream, I must say. I had reoccurring dreams about snakes for a while and I always woke up a little out-of-sorts.
I'm a big horse lover too, though I can't seem to find enough room in my apartment to keep one. :-)
Have a great night!

coffeypot said...

So, where do you buy your 'stiff?' It sounds like so good toking material.

I have been dreaming lately of flying - sometimes in a plane and sometimes on my own. It's cool. I wish I could do it in real life.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Dreams can be interesting. I rarely remember mine, but they seem so real at the time.


Zanejabbers said...

I have always had very vivid and very detailed dreams. Good post. Thanks.

Pam said...

girl...we need to talk dreams..I got some doozies!
some people can't remember their dreams...weirdos. ;)