Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Curious equine

Dakota is a very smart horse. I have always heard and read that a horse that is curious and looks around at everything (as opposed to staring at nothing like most horses do) is very intelligent. If that holds true Dakota is extremely smart. He is a pain in the ass though when anyone tries to feed him. He is so excited that he gets in the way constantly.


Hello...........is anyone in there?

Hey Missy, could you hurry it up. I'm starving and you are moving too slow. I swear, these humans take forever in a day to do the simplest of tasks.

What does a guy have to do to get some grub around here?


OH! Oops, sorry Mom. I didn't see you standing there. I didn't mean what I said, really I didn't. Do I still get some sweet feed?


I promise, I will just stand here and pretend I am asleep. You just take all the time you need to fetch that sweet feed. I won't say another word, no ma'am I won't. My lips are sealed.

Love you Mom!


Bill said...

I'll bet you don't give that horse enough food. That's why he acts like that.

Stephanie Lee said...

dang mom why do u have to be mean to my baby