Monday, April 7, 2008

Today is Tater Day

How many of you fine folks have ever heard of Tater Day? Here is Wikipedia's definition:

Tater Day
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Tater Day is a small festival in Benton, Kentucky held on the first Monday in April.
It was started in the late 1800s as a celebration of the first day of spring, and a time when all of the townsfolk would get together and trade sweet potatoes. The biggest part of the festival is the Parade, which completes one circuit around the town. It includes Political floats, MCHS marching band, horse and buggies, clowns, vintage cars, horses, Ms. Tater Day, and other things for which Marshall County is known. There is also junior ms. tater that is allowed for little girls ages 5 to 12, and a little Ms., little Mr., tiny Miss, and baby Ms. Tater day pageant and floats for the younger kids. Tater Day also has carnival rides, games, a market, mule pulls, and several other exciting events.

I have lived here most of my life (except the 13 years in and around Houston) and I have never been to tater day. My husband and my daughter went today. It was her first time. She wore a wifebeater and jeans and flirted with lots of B O Y S. Joe tried to get her to get in the Miss Tater Day contest but she was not having any of that crap. He was kidding of course. Can you imagine being Miss Tater Day. Oh my, what an honor. Steph was going to take pictures too but she aparently got all caught up in her flirting and forgot. I guess there is always next year.


Scott W said...

Wow. The excitement must be more than anyone could handle.

Bill said...

I absolutely refuse to believe that there is no Tater Tot contest.

Trailboss said...

Bill, I will write the Benton newspaper and request that a Tater Tot contest be initiated next year. Maybe they will name it in your honor. If they do that then you will need to attend. Will that work?

Scott W said...

Tell them to post some good pictures from the parade, too.

Bill said...

Lisa, I'm going to visit later this month (or in May) when Scott is there, so I can scout out the best place to watch next year's Tater Day parade.