Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ghosts in the Country...............EEEEEK!

We looked outside the other morning and there were ghosts in our front yard. Sophie kept growling at something so we looked outside and we saw this!


And this


Whatever could it be? Why would ghosts visit us? We are good people, no one has died in our house because it isn't very old. Perhaps our house is built over a cemetery? No, it is on a soybean field.

I asked my daughter and her friend Nichole but they were apparently busy being teenagers.


It was then that we figured it out. The weatherman had advised a frost the evening before and they were sheets on our tender trees. Good ole Joe had taken care of that, Steph helped too.

Mystery solved...........WHEW!


Bill said...

I'm still thinking they are soybean spirits. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

Trailboss said...

I've heard everything now. Guess what I will be thinking about this evening when I go to visit my equine babies.

Can anyone say Twilight Zone? How about Rod Serling? lol

Scott W said...

What is really scary is those teenagers!

peanut said...

Dear Lisa,

I think your Blog is THE BOMB!!!!!!!

Best I've ever seen. What a wonderful family of people and animals. The layout rocks and I really like all your photos.
Thanks for checking in with me - I'll be visiting you Kentuckians more often.

What a beautiful, peaceful life you have.

And yes, your husband and daughter are just precious !

Love and Peace to you all, peanut

Trailboss said...

Thanks Peanut! So, you ought to live with the teenagers.........drama every single day, minute, second.