Friday, April 4, 2008

Awwww the life of Riley

My girls aren't spoiled at all. They are just living the life of Riley.


But that's OK cause they are our babies. I love having these two clowns around. They make us all laugh at least once per day. And everyone needs a laugh per day, or maybe 3 or 27.


Scott W said...

I need a lot so I will put in an order for 27.

Bill said...

My grandmother used that expression "the life of Riley."
Who in the Hell was Riley?
That whirring noise is my grandmother spinning in her grave, by the way, when she saw dogs on the furniture, let alone inside the house. If she says anything to you, just tell her it's your house.

Scott W said...


The Life of Riley, with William Bendix in the title role, was a popular radio situation comedy series of the 1940s that was adapted into a 1949 feature film and continued as a long-running television series during the 1950s, originally with Jackie Gleason playing Bendix's role. The Life of Riley was considered the Family Guy of its time.

Bill said...

I knew I could count on Scott.

I think I'll start saying " leading the life of William Bendix."