Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visit to the animal shelter

As some of you know, Stephanie has been volunteering at our local animal shelter. She absolutely loves it. It started as being a requirement to graduate, meaning all seniors had to do at least 40 hrs of community service at a non-profit organization (had to be 2 different ones). I think that is a great thing required of our young people.

The first 20 hrs she did was at the elementary school helping a teacher and tutoring some of the students. She actually is still doing that even though she has far surpassed her 20 hrs required.

Anyway, Abby went with me one Saturday to pick Steph up. She really enjoyed it.

This full blooded chow is blind. She was found that very morning tied outside the shelter with a rope and a note.



Steph is explaining to Abby how this sweet thing uses her senses to get around.


As we walked back into the run area I snapped some pictures of the precious babies waiting for their forever home. All the while wishing I could take each and ever one of the home with me.



Oh My....what a face!





Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee take me home!


Steph showed Abby the isolation room. That is where the dogs and cats first come when they arrive. She did just like Steph said and didn't touch one.





They went into the front lobby area where there were some sweet felines





I'm not sure what she is looking for in this one. I guess she was looking out of the window.


Here is the first one she saw....the blind Chow.


Someone took him home to foster him until a home can be found.

It was something I hope Abby can remember. Pet owners HAVE to know what they are doing and be responsible. So many don't care. I will say however, this animal shelter is as clean as a whistle. There is just a faint smell, nothing like I would have expected. Steph tells me they have good luck finding homes for the babes. There are a lot of Pit Bulls that come in. That area is known for people who fight them. Anytime a pit is adopted the staff follows up for a long time to make sure everything is good. Of course they are required to be neutered which causes them to not be good fighting dogs. I am proud to know that I live in a county that has such a great shelter. Oddly enough, the woman that owns/works at the studio Steph had her senior pictures done actually started the shelter. She told us a dog wandered into her yard years ago. She started trying to find the phone number for the shelter and quickly found out there wasn't one. She and several others raised the money and volunteered their time to make it happen. This world is full of good people. Sometimes they just fall into your lap. I like when that happens.


Bill said...

I got a big ol' lump in my throat looking at these displaced critters. It's nice to know that they are being fed & cared for in a clean shelter, but they all look like they want a loving person to take them home & love them.

Scott W said...

The look on their faces melts my heart. I am like you, I would love to be able to take them all and make their lives as grand as they were meant to be. Steph is doing good work. Makes me very proud of her!

Paint Girl said...

That just breaks my heart. I have such a hard time with animals in a shelter, I am already in tears. I volunteered for a no kill shelter and it still broke my heart. There are so many unwanted dogs and cats out there and I can't believe that poor Chow was just tied to the shelter fence. I could never do that.
That is so great that Steph is still volunteering and that you took Abby!

Peruby said...

Sigh. I have four rescues and am overwhelmed. I manage, but I still can't look at those pitiful, waiting faces without having so much sorrow for them.

Syd said...

The photos say it all. These are God's creatures that deserve a home not a cage. I feel so sorry for them. I wish that each and every one would get the loving hand and a forever home.