Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rise & Shine..........literally

We went out for breakfast our last day in Ohio. There is a quaint little, family owned restaurant called Rise & Shine that the kids frequent. Owned by a husband and wife and very family oriented.

Picture 079

Picture 084

It's all about the straws

Picture 093

Picture 094

Picture 085

Picture 087

I love seeing the table of women behind Mia. They were having a nice time also.

Hey Mama, where's the food? I'm hungry

Picture 089

Amy started singing Itsy Bitsy Spider

Picture 095

Picture 096

Picture 097

Picture 098

Picture 099

Picture 100

Picture 101

By this time Aubriella's daddy was playing along also

Picture 103

Picture 104

Picture 106

Emmeline even got in on the game

Picture 107

Thanks Mama

Picture 108

Meanwhile on the other end of the table (I had the best seat don't you think?) Mia was still busy with her straw. Papa Joe and Aunt Stephy were entertaining her.

Picture 109

Picture 110

Picture 114

Picture 116

Picture 117

Papa Joe is making a paper ring for Mia

Picture 118

Mia is quite proud of her new jewerly

Picture 120

Picture 121

Finally the fruit came for the girls

Picture 123

Auby looks like she is sticking the grape up her nose

Picture 125

These girls LOVE fruit. I am really impressed as to how Amy & Jeremy limit their sweet intake.

Picture 126

Emmeline got some bananas and scarfed them down

Picture 124

Picture 129

Jeremy approves

Picture 130

Picture 150

Was it good Mia?

Picture 139

Picture 145

We had such a great time. After we ate we drove over to a nearby park so the girls could play for a while. That's coming up on my next post.

I dreamed last night that we were back in Ohio. We were playing and singing and having a wonderful time. I would give anything to have our kids closer to Kentucky, but their jobs keep them in Ohio. At least for now. I'll never give up on the hope that someday they will move closer. I miss them every day. I'm gonna start saving for our next trip!


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Too cute for color TV, Clarie!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Cute family photos, what a great time

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. Nothing like dining out with the kids and grandkids.