Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It was NOT a good day to piss me off!

But it happened. It also happened yesterday. If you put the two together I was fit to be tied this morning.

It started yesterday when myself and another co-worker in our warehouse was not told about a good ole' BBQ lunch that everyone (except the 2 of us) were invited to attend. By the time I knew about it I was already eating my nasty low calorie frozen items. It isn't the first or even second time this has happened. It has happened numerous times. It wasn't the fact that I didn't have the delicious BBQ, it was the principal of it. Now, I do admit that the idea of that kind of a lunch sounded so very good, but the main reason I was upset was that we were forgotten about.

This morning we were scheduled to have a safety meeting. That requires me to get up at a much more unGodly hour than I normally do. 5:15am comes mighty soon for anyone, much less this grandmother who is still trying to recover from Project Graduation this past weekend. I arrived early, as usual, for the safety meeting. I was curious to see the lack of vehicles in the parking lot when I pulled in but I just thought folks were running a tad bit late. I walked on into the office, saw some donuts and thought "ok, everyone will be here in a minute or two." Then I decided to call my boss to find out if the meeting was being held at the other office where it is sometimes held. You can only imagine what I felt when he said "the meeting was cancelled, didn't Mark tell you?" Uh, no Mark didn't tell me. He was trying to work to leave yesterday since his brother in law dropped dead Sunday. He was trying to hurry up and get home to his wife who was obviously upset about the entire thing. About that time the guy who is the Traffic Manager at the sandyard came out of the restroom. He started to tell me the meeting was cancelled when I quipped "NO ONE TOLD ME JUST LIKE NO ONE TOLD ME AND JONATHAN ABOUT THE LUNCH YESTERDAY!" and I stormed out of the office, got in my vehicle and literally squealed my tires coming out of the parking lot.

Now I don't usually let things get to me like that. Well, let me be clear on that. I haven't reacted that way since I was in my 20's. My brother, So, used to say that I could clear the Astrodome if I wanted to. I had quite a temper when I was a late teenager and early into my 20's.

Not only that but for the last 3 years I have worked here I have not been recognized one bit on Administrative Professional Day even though the girl who worked here before me received flowers every year. The 2 ladies that work at the main office always receive lunch, flowers or this year they received a gift card. I have never said anything about it, just accepted the fact that it is what is it. Well no more. I am tired of being ignored and obviously not appreciated.

Bear with me for a minute while I say this. I put my heart and soul into my job. I work to constantly improve and make things easier and more efficient. I go out of my way to check inventory at other warehouses to make sure they are cooperating with the way my customer requires things to be done. Believe me, there are many times they don't. In fact just yesterday morning I let my customer know that so and so wasn't sending the oldest product like they were supposed to be doing. I have never been late to work in the almost 4 yrs I have been here. I have never called in sick when I wasn't. Believe me I have been tempted too. But I don't believe in that. I don't DO that. Apparently my boss and others don't give a rip.

Ok, I am getting off of my soapbox now. I just had to vent and get that out. Some things are just not right and for me, I think I have been taken for granted for far too long.

Now, as Joe and I say when the subject needs to be changed.......How are the plants?


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Good vent -- feel better now?


Scott W said...

That is just not right. Time to stand and be counted!

Scott W said...
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Syd said...

I think that often people forget or overlook. I don't think that it is on purpose. But my trying to make people take notice hasn't really worked either. Maybe it goes along with the feeling of "not fitting in". Anyway, it sounds as if you are a great employee and that is what matters.

Trailboss said...

I know Syd, and I appreciate your comment. Dan, I feel much better now. In fact I feel so much better that I just happened to remember that I have one more vacation day I have to take before June 5th and my coworker who does my job when I am gone in on a much needed vacation all of next week. I have just submitted a request for my last day for this Friday. 4 day weekend for me!!!!

Trailboss said...

I should have said my coworker IS on a much needed vacation next week.

Karen said...

I'm glad you feel better after your rant, sometimes that's just what we need to do. I think oftentimes people are just thoughtless, which is no excuse, but they aren't being intentionally mean.

I have to say, I lol at your last line. . . How are the plants? You have a great sense of humor!

Peruby said...

Being "forgotten" at work gets old, though. Once or twice, I can see - but when it happens repeatedly it is just POOR! Then they wonder why we get an "attitude" and they get back at us by "writing us up!" and telling US that WE aren't team players.

It is probably because we don't "schmooze". There are other more graphical names for this action, as I am sure you can guess.

Scott W said...

The plants are thriving and looking good.

Did you say anything to remedy this situation?

Trailboss said...

Yes So, I did tell my boss Butch. He came in my office (which rarely happens) and I told him exactly what I thought. Then I handed him my $10 for the lottery that I am in here at work.

I didn't get my Friday off but I will be able take it later. He assured me I wouldn't lose it. I guess it kind of made me feel appreciated that I was actually NEEDED to be here.