Thursday, February 28, 2008

Playing Hide n' Seek

Originally uploaded by anniebettyjobunny
Stephanie and her horse, Dakota are playing hide and seek with her friend Nikki. Dakota is the funniest horse I have ever owned. He is more like a dog than a horse.

This picture was taken last summer. I will get some new pictures posted as soon as the weather gets better!


Bill said...

Thanks for posting the horsie pics!

How is Dakota more like a dog than a horse? Tell us more about that! My mom had a pony that used to play hide & seek with her & her brother.

Do you have any pictures of Scott in the saddle?

dAAve said...

Where's Mr Ed?

Scott W said...

He doesn't look like a dog at all!

There are no pics of me in the saddle, but there is a home movie of me on Lucky Pony. It's not pretty.