Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscars............The Party To Attend

Shortly after my move to Houston in 1977 we decided to get an apartment with myself, So and his significant other, Garry. I don't remember who or how we found our apartment but it was not far from the Galleria so I was still very close to work. So was too since he worked at the very fancy Delmonico's in the Galleria Plaza Hotel.

We referred to the apartment as the "Columns Disco" since it was, after all, in the late 70's and disco was everywhere. As I write this I remember the Oscar parties that we held. We invited all of our friends, made lots of food, had tv's anywhere we could find them, provided hats for everyone and there was plenty of booze. Emphasis on the latter. I only remember having two Oscar parties but there could have been more. I stayed pretty, well shall we say, I enjoyed the weeds that grew somewhere in neverneverland. It was all in good fun though, we didn't hurt anyone, we showed love to our friends and we always made sure there was enough non-acholol drinks available.

I wonder now how many Oscar parties are being held right now, at this very moment. I wonder if the people really care about each other, if they make sure that everyone is ok to drive home. I wonder how many people might not make it home tonight for whatever reason. None of us know when our time is up, when He had decided it is our last day.

It is my hope, of course, that I have many more days and years ahead but one never knows. It can not be taken for granted that tomorrow will come. That is why I love to live my life as I have for the past few months. To live life with gratitude. To be thankful for today, for my family and for everything that God has blessed me with.


Anonymous said...

welcome to blog land!!! i hope you find all of the amenities are what you wished for in a blog world:)

this is a nice and warm post. i was caught by great surprise that they were on tonight. i even went so far as to accuse my husband of lying when he told me. (all in playful jest of course.)

Bill said...

I am far too racy and dissolute for the Oscars. I watched Pride and Prejudice on PBS, the story of five raucous and slutty sisters. Sizzling hot, just like my life.

Scott W said...

I still have the banner we hung on the door for that party. Although I remember only this one, I guess we certainly could have had more.

Ah, the Columns Apartments, where all the retired folks walked the parameters daily for exercise and where, above us, were those Hispanic drag queens that practiced their routines with the drapes opened. Over and over and over.

That place has been replaced with a new Wachovia Bank.

Bill said...

p.s. Did your brother wear those tight black waiters' pants? I'll bet his Kentucky background looked hot as a firecracker in them there pantses.