Monday, February 25, 2008

Cowboys and Indians

I remembered something today from my very early childhood that struck me as funny. My dad and I always enjoyed watching any kind of western show/movie on tv and we did it many times. I have very fond memories of feeling very close to him, after all I was the only girl and the youngest and looked just like him. Needless to say I was spoiled rotten but that is not what I am remembering just right now. In fact I am sure I wasn't spoiled at all, just "catered to." Oops, I got off the subject again. Ok, back to the westerns. I used to think that all of the cowboys and indians that were shot, stabbed or beat to death actually died. I would think "they must have to really pay them a lot of money and certainly had to give it to the guy before the movie so he could spend it, and not only that but what was his family doing to do without him there."

Now isn't that just a silly thing to think? But in a 5 or 6 year old mind that was what I thought. I don't remember ever telling anyone about my thoughts although I'm sure I must have mentioned it to dad at some point and he probably explained to me that they are just actors you silly little spoiled rotten doll of mine.

Childhood thoughts. What an interesting thing. Last night my son and his girlfriend were over along with her 18 month old little boy, Trevor. I watched him closely and wondered what in the world could be going through his head. I guess we'll never know. Hell, we can't even remember what we thought at that age.


Scott W said...

Not spoiled?!?!?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for wondering over from Ree's site. I've "met" some really cool people off her site.

Hope you'll enter today's contest!

I'll be back - love our blog!


Nikki said...

What a funny post. That reminds me of me. I remember watching the movie "Rocky" or one of them anyway and thinking, Why is everyone hoping Rocky will win? What about the other guy? I hope he'll win. I'll cheer for him. And I seriously thought it was real.

Nikki said...

Congrats on the grandbabies on the way!

Bill said...

I am certain you were not spoiled at all. Not one iota. You were simply given your due.
Besides, I'm sure your dad was thrilled to have his own little Tooth Fairy in the family.

Oh, wait. I forgot about your brother Scott.

Well, I'm sure he was thrilled with you just the same.

Bill said...

BTW, my dad loved to watch westerns, also. I thought he was the Smartest Dad In The World because he could pick out the bad guys in a split second.
A few years later, I realized they always wore the black hats.

One Wink at a Time said...

Just dropped in via Piglet's house to say "Hey!"
I want your job. ;-)
As a grandparent myself, I have to say, Ain't it GREAT???