Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"The Snake"

When we were young our family owned a cabin on Kentucky lake. It was really neat, had a huge screened-in front porch, one bedroom and a large living room/sitting area. It also had a fireplace to the best of my knowledge. I am sure my brother will correct me if I am wrong, he he. We went there many times during the summer and I have a lot of fond memories of that cabin.

One memory though isn't so good. I was 5 years old and at that time I was scared of the water probably because my older cousin Tish, used to dunk me and I hated it. All of the adults were sitting on the bank in their "pinch their ass" folding chairs watching the kids frolic in the water while I was on the bank just playing by myself. I decided to pretend that I was crippled and found a stick to use as a cane. There was a tree that had fallen some time before close to where I was playing. I walked over to that fallen tree all the while using the "cane" for help since I was so disabled. All of a sudden I felt something bite me. I used the cane to stumble over to where the adults were. Mother came to my rescue and Dad screamed for my Uncle Jim to "kill it kill it". It was a Copperhead. Not just any copperhead, a baby copperhead that come to find out has more venom than an adult, at least according to Dad. Uncle Jim killed the snake and scooped me up (or Dad might have scooped me up I don't know because I was only 5).

Dad and Uncle Jim put me in the car and sped off to the local doctor for shots. Poor Mother was left behind. I can only imagine the fear that she experienced. At the dr's office I got shots in the butt and who knows where else. I just remember the butt shots and also that I got some suckers. That was special because we rarely got to have candy. I was sick for several days if not weeks but I did survive (obviously) but I do not like snakes to this day.

P.S. As you can see from the comment from my brother he was old enough to remember the details unlike my 5 year old mind did. Actually his version was much more dramatic than mine so thanks So!!!!!


Scott W said...

Well first off, you were walking along the large logs that lined the drive way that led to the lake and you were in the turn around part, or the leg of the driveway where the cars parked after loading boats into the lake. Stepping one foot on that log and the other on the ground to give you that crippled look. That is when the snake bit. You started screaming and Dad ran and picked you up and threw you into the back seat of the white Pontiac station wagon, threw it in reverse and then ran right into PaPaw's red truck.

He then scooped you up and he and Otis Britain ran up the hill to Otis' mint green Oldsmobile. It just happened to have a siren in it and a CB radio. They radioed Cricket (a CB friend of Dad and Uncle Jim's) and got shortcuts to the hospital. They made the 30 minute trip in 15 minutes!

Uncle Jim did indeed kill that little snake. And it is just a rumor that the baby snakes are more poisonous than the adults because they can't regulate their venom. The thing is, the adults have a lot more venom than a baby snake. (Found that thru Google.)

Mike, Gary Britain and I had to go into the Britain's camper to escape your screams--which lasted all afternoon! And your leg done swoll up the size of a football!

Bill said...

How bizarre! I grew up on a lake, and a copperhead bit me when I was little, also. You ain't Scott'ses sister...You's mines!!!

Otis was a Mary Kay rep. His Oldsmobile was pink. The siren was for rush deliveries.

I don't even want to think about what Scott talked Gary Britain into doing in that steamy camper.

Lynne said...

Hi - I just found your blog through Karen. I don't know why I read this post, as I am deathly afraid of snakes, but for some reason drawn to stories about them - as long as they don't have pictures.

My dog was bitten by a copperhead a few years ago. We noticed that she was limping and licking her foot. It was swollen to at least twice its size. I took her to the emergency vet, who immediately diagnosed a snake bite. The venom in copperheads will destroy tissue, and all night Maggie's leg was oozing blood and tissue. Poor baby was groaning in pain. It took quite a while for the swelling to go down - she was on antibiotics for a long time.

My husband and daughter built a fence around the drain where this critter had been living so that Maggie wouldn't be able to get near it again.

A frightening time for us. I can only imagine how horrible and scary that must have been for you.

I swear, if I ever see another "s" thing in my yard, I'm selling the house!

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