Thursday, February 21, 2008


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This is my baby Sophie. She is 2 and loves to smile when we come home. Actually we can be outside for 2 minutes then come back in and she picks up the nearest bone or toy and prances around smiling at us. She is a joy to have around.


Bill said...

My favorite picture is of Sophie in the cardboard box. Her expression in that one says it all.

Scott W said...

Awww, she so feet!

Claudia said...

Look at her FACE!!!!!!!!! Those eyes! I just want to take those lips and wrap them around her face and....(kidding), but you do kinda wanna play with the lips. She's got the Angelina Jolie lips of the dog world. ;)

I have a Whippet, she's a few posts back on my blog. She's cute, but yours wins. Hands down.