Thursday, February 28, 2008


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Annie is our 5 year old boxer. She is the first boxer my husband has ever owned. A funny story about how we got her.

I owned a boxer by the name of Jack who had passed away in 1993. I wanted to wait until my daughter was older before getting another dog. I mentioned it to my husband being sure to tell him that the dog had to live inside and not outside. He just was not going to have that, "dogs belong outside", he would say. I tried to explain to him that for me, a dog is a part of the family and is not to live outside. I wanted my dog to live inside with me and the rest of the family.

Just when I tought I had lost that battle he mentioned it again and I told him that if I couldn't have my boxer inside I didn't want one. Apparently that was all I had to say because within 2 weeks we were off to look at a litter of pups. In my mind I planned on picking out a male but when we saw the litter there was one little girl that stood out to both of us.

Here she is all grown up and spoiled rotten. And get husband doesn't know what he would do without this dog. Isn't it funny how you can not know what you want until you get it, and then it is really really good.

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