Friday, February 15, 2008


I have a brother that lives in Houston and we email and/or chat everyday. I hadn't noticed until he pointed it out recently that every Friday on my email to him I always title it TGIF. I guess I do that because I am glad it's Friday, duuuuh. Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I love to be able to sleep later than 5:15am which is what time I get up to get ready for work during the week.

I am hoping to have my grandbaby this weekend. She is almost 3 yrs old and I am totally in love with her. She can do no wrong in my eyes. It is true what they say (who is "they" anyway) about grandkids, there is a special love that emerges when you have them. It is a love like no other I have ever felt in my life. She loves to come to our house and never wants to stay inside. You'd think that she would like to watch tv or play a game but no, she wants to go and see the horses or go outside and blow bubbles, anything to be outside. I think this is really neat. Kids spend too much time inside these days anyway.

I hope that you enjoy your TGIF as much as I will.


Scott W said...

You have a brother that lives in Houston? That's weird, because I live in Houston, too. Maybe we know each other?

dAAve said...

(thank God tomorrow's Saturday)

I have a friend who lives in Houston and has a sister who is very much like you.
It's weird. Really.

Matt said...

I love the story about the horse legs that kept breaking off. I used to chew the toes off my sister's Barbies, but somehow that doesn't seem quite the same.

Syd said...

I had a 17 hand thoroughbred and rode for many years. Now I just ride in a car. It's nice to visit. I think that I just might know who your brother is!

Mary Christine said...

Scott sent me over to say hello.