Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was a very fortunate young girl. My mom and dad were good parents, as good as they knew how, and I always felt very loved and very much secure. We grew up in the country, myself, my oldest brother Scott and my brother Mike who was a little over a year older than me.

We had a nice house and seemed to never want for anything. Dad was bad about spoiling us when it came to Christmastime and bought all kinds of toys for us. I can remember us having an "area" for our Santa gifts. This would embarass Mother and she would have us put some of them up before any of the neighrbood kids could come over. She grew up very modest and felt the other kids would see us as "spoiled". We were of course so what's the point, but that was how Mother was.

All in all I know that we were very lucky to have what we had. There were so many kids in that era that received little or nothing for Christmas. In fact there still are. I have very fond memories of those times and I will be sharing them on this post in the coming weeks.

One memory that sticks out like a sore thumb was of me being a complete idiot. We had a basement which served as our family room. It was where the family would gather to watch tv. It was also where Dad and I watched Rawhide! We had a huge circular rug from Sears in front of the tv and that was my race track. I would get down on all fours and pretend to be a horse and run around the outside "track" of the rug and neigh like a horse. Mike and Scott would laugh at me but I didn't care because in my 7 yr old mind I was on a race track. Mother used to get on to them for laughing but they of course would continue when she was out of earshot. Brothers!


Bill said...

I just discovered you have started a blog! Whee! I have another WAIPON* to add to my list.

That must have been a braided rug in your den. Scott has told me your den also had that barrel furniture that was popular back then. I wonder who thought that would be a good idea? We had braided rugs in my house when my parents decided to ditch the Jane Jetson-Sputnik motif and go Early American.

*By the way, WAIPON is an acronym for "What am I procrastinating on now?" from my friend Trudy in Amsterdam.

Scott W said...

It always made my knees hurt to watch you do that trotting thing. Ouch!