Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have birthed 2 kids, Ryan who is 26 and Stephanie who is 16. They both, of course, drive me crazy.

It is hard to be Mom 24/7. If anyone has an answer to how that really works please share with me!

I have 2 wonderful stepdaughters, but we do not refer to anyone in the family as being "step" unless absolutely necessary and so far I have not found a reason to refer to them in that way.

Today is Valentine's Day and I stopped by my grandbaby's house to give her a stuffed animal, some M&M's which are her favorites, and a card that she, of course, won't give a hoot about! She in turn gave me, Joe (my hubby) and Stephanie (her Aunt) Valentine cards. They are so precious. I will keep mine forever!

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