Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Invisible Snakes

Speaking of snakes I used to have this weird idea that there were snakes under my bed. The snakes only bit at things that were red. My nightgown was of course red. Also, apparently they only struck when the lights were off because I can remember having to summon up the courage to get out of bed and turn off the light switch then run as fast as my little legs would go and jump onto the safety of my twin sized bed.

It must have been after the Copperhead ordeal but I really don't remember. I wish I had a memory like my brother. It seems the older I get the worse my memory gets, not that it was that good to begin with.

Did any of you guys have weird phobias when you were kids, or maybe you still have them!


Bill said...

I was a fairly fearless child, except for spiders. I loved snakes, toads, frogs, lizards, mice, caterpillars, and all that stuff. I'd catch bees rather than run away from them. My mother kept a large bottle of Merthiolate in the medicine cabinet.
I suffered from "food weirdness." For example, my mom had to pick the little squiggly white part out of raw eggs before she cooked them, or I wouldn't eat breakfast. I also went through a phase where I wouldn't drink milk unless she poured it through a strainer.

Scott W said...

I don't remember if it was before or after the Copperhead incident, but what I do remember is watching Outer Limits and afterward you were so scared we had to leave the hall light on. Mom and Dad wouldn't let us sleep with our doors closed so the light was in my eyes all night long.

And I would love it if you got rid of word verification.

Bill said...

The hall light in his eyes...the word's all about you-know-who.

I just remembered that after my dad & I were in a bad car accident, I developed a fear of riding in traffic. I would scream like a girl if another car got too close.

I loved the Outer Limits, or anything spooky or scary.

dAAve said...

I don't remember.

Karen said...

Just found your blog through Bill. I can relate to growing up with brothers (exasperated sigh), I have three. Between you and me, they all turned out to be terrific friends. (And they, like yours, are great about filling in the details of our childhood, because my memory is sporadic at best.) I love the braided rug story. We had braided rugs, too, probably from Sears because that's where my parents shopped. It seemed my mom was always ordering something from the catalog.

I had a something's-under-the-bed phobia as a kid -- I was terrified of the witch in the Wizard of Oz. It was really, really long leap from the door of my bedroom to the bed, not letting my feet touch the floor.