Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gil Favor

The name of this blog comes from a story of when I was young. I had LuckyPony as I have already posted about. We kept him in a fenced woods along with what turned out to be a herd of goats. They kept the woods clean and free of weeds and whatnot because we all know that goats will eat just about anything. They did a really good job at that.

I rode LuckyPony most every day, sometimes around the neighborhood and sometimes within our woods. There were lots of neat trails and it entertained me for hours on end. My dad and I watched Rawhide every week cause we both liked westerns a lot. I decided to do my own version of Rawhide starring me of course as Gil Favor, the trail boss. I would "round up" the goats in a feeble attempt to do what Gil did on the series. Needless to say the goats did NOT cooperate at all. They pretty much looked at me like I was crazy, but did on occasion move when I got too close.

Before I started my herding of the goats I would sit in the saddle atop my shetland pony and say, actually say outloud "Lisa W......, Trail Boss" and turn myself in the saddle like Gil Favor did at the start of my beloved western series. My 2 brothers quickly learned of my silly antics and dubbed me "Trailboss". It has stuck with me to this day. But that's ok cause I can easily laugh at myself. In fact I kinda like it, it's a fond memory of how I used to entertain myself.

So, just in case anyone was wondering where that name came from, now you know!


Scott W said...

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Though the streams are swollin'
Keep them doggies Rollin' Rawhide,
Through rain and wind and weather,
Hell bent for leather,
Wishing my gal was by my side,
All the things I'm missin'
good vittles love and kissin'
will be waiting at the end of my ride.

Trailboss said...

I am impressed that you know all the words!