Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, be there or be square

My favorite person in this neck of the woods came to see us yesterday. I'm sure you guys have never heard of her. I never talk about her. Here is a picture of her for your viewing pleasure.


Ok, I lied. Actually I was just stretching the truth. She and I played a bit of hide and seek. She would tell me where she was going to hide and I would act like I had no idea where she was. Silly girl, the dogs gave it away so I knew where she was. Well, that and the fact that she told me.


Hey Mom, you might want to look over here.


Is that a socked foot I see Mom?


Oh oh oh Mom, the curtain moved. Plus I think I smell something.


Silly Grandmother! I'm over here. I fooled you didn't I?


Indeed you did my precious. Of course I had to hide next and I was instructed to hide in the same place. It doesn't take much to please my precious.


I found you Grandmother. At that point I decided to try to change the play game.


Could you be any cuter Abby?


Yes, just watch me dance Grandmother!



She and Papa Joe played ball later. More pictures to come.


MichelleSG said...

Hide and seek is impossible in my house too. Those dogs like to just plant themselves outside of what ever spot you've chosen and stare intently until you've come out. I swear they make like bird dogs and point. The worst hide and seek companions ever.

Fractalmom said...

she is adorable!! Grandkids are God's gift for not killing your children all those times you were so tempted....


Syd said...

She looks like a happy girl. The dogs will always "sniff" out a hide and seeker. Not really fair for Abby with the super noses of dogs. I have fond memories of hiding in my grandmother's huge house and having my cousin hunt for me.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures, TB. Abby is getting prettier as she grows older. As you know, we both love our granddaughters.

Thanks for sharing,


hulagirlatheart said...

Soooo cute!

In answer to your question about #5--It wasn't Eddyville. It was Holiday World on a day of record attendance at the bottom of Otorongo, you know where everybody stands. Oy vey.

Cat said...

Every time I read your posting about your wonderful grandchild I remember warmly my grandmother and her home and my visit's and I cannot wait to pass that torch along.


Lou said...

Maybe I could rent a little girlie grandkid?

Bill said...

Those dogs take the job of seeking very seriously.

I think I've told you that my mother had a pony when she was a girl that used to play hide & seek.

Anonymous said...

Hey TB, just catching up. I really enjoyed all of your pics, especially the ones of Abby playing hide & seek. In the first pic, she looks just like a little angel. Oh, yeah the doggy girls are cute as ever too, I love how they are looking at you like, gee are you stupid or what? She's right over here! Thanks for the giggles!

Daniela said...

She is gorgeous. The doggie babies are adorable too.

Flying Lily said...

So cute with the dogs looking earnestly at the curtains, then back to you. Beautiful grandchild too!!

Faye said...

Well first your baby is as you say, precious. And don't you just love the way dogs want to be in the middle of the action.

Another KY connection in this blog community lives in Paducah as well! Her name is Patience and she is the Servant(her words)for about nine whippets--active in local animal rescue--a writer too. She also has spoken of Lowertown.

Trailboss said...

Yes Faye, Patience lives in lowertown. I have her blog addy on my sidebar. Can you velive she has 9 whippets? I can't imagine walking that many! She and her hubby are transplants in the Lowertown program I think...or I should say the Artist Relocation program.

Zanejabbers said...

Cute pictures. Abby and those dear girls. One of the doggie pics looks like the girl has a rubber flower on her head. Another one looks like a bunny hiding behind her or like she has wings. you could not have stage it better. Now how did I know from your opening comment that there were going to pictures of....
A B B Y. Just psychic I guess.

Pony Girl said...

That is too cute!! They found her!
I got to pet a boxer on Monday. One of the parents at my school brought her boxer Max when she came to pick up her son, and I petted him! :) Just thought I'd tell ya that!

Jen said...

Just a doll...we do hide and seek too...Miller gets under beds and then cant seem to get