Saturday, November 15, 2008

Geez, this is getting reeeeeaaaallllyyy old

You guys know that I have been in and out of the doctor's office for what seems forever now. The latest being Monday with the gout. I thought the shot and meds I was taking was going to get that bothersome item out of my foot but nooooooooo. It decides to come back last night and is really kicking my ass today.

I finally called the dr's office and had another of Dr Turnbo's PAs call me back. He wanted to put me on some anti-inflammatory medicine which would make sense since it is swollen up but since I have my lovely colonoscopy scheduled for next week I do not need to take any aspirin type drug. He suggested delaying the test for a couple of weeks but I told him that is not an option since the wheels are already turning and everything set up for it next week. I have scheduled to be off of work, had preliminary blood work completed, EKG, all of that stuff so to reschedule would not make sense. He called a couple of prescriptions in for me in order to get through the test and afterwards I will contact the office for whatever else I need to clear up this gout. Yuck, I hate that word gout.

I was going to make a delicious dinner tonight for me and Joe (Steph is at her dad's house) but we will have to settle for a bowl of soup and/or a sandwich since I can't stand long enough to make the Carne Asadas I was planning.

I am thankful however to be able to have the time off from work this weekend to stay off of my foot. I am also so very thankful for health insurance. The way my year has gone had it not been for insurance I would definitely be in the poor house by now. If we look past our situation there is most always a silver lining. I choose to remember my silver lining today.

Life is good.


Scott W said...

Gout does sound like an old person's thing. It reminds me of goiter, cos I always think it should be in the neck area. Uhhhhh.

MichelleSG said...

Oh woman I'm sorry you have to suck it up and live through this because they have other medical tortures to inflict upon you. Yes, be hella appreciative of that health insurance. We were self employed a year ago and paid for private health insurance. It was horribly expensive and was crap for coverage. Of course that's when I discovered I had a birth defect that resulted in a stroke and brain surgery. You don't even want to know he medical bills I have right now. Many many doctor's offices don't like me.

Anonymous said...

I have never had gout, but I have heard that it is very painful. Hope you get back on your (foot) and feeling better soon!

Bill said...

I choose to remember my silver lining today.

I think your brother is rubbing off on you.
That's a good thing!