Monday, November 3, 2008

Awwwwww light at last!

I was ever so pleased to drive to work this morning in the light of the morning. I have been driving in what seemed like midnight hours for too long. It was really starting to bother me. I don't see well at night and I was having to take the long and busy way to work. I don't do busy very well anymore. I was also having trouble getting up in the mornings. It just seemed wrong to have to get up at what seemed like midnight to get ready and leave for work. So, even though it will get darker much earlier I think this year I am going to enjoy Daylight Savings Time more than any other year.

It is amazing how our bodies change as we age. I definitely can tell a difference in mine since I turned 50 yrs old. Of course I would help if I was as active as MC or DAAve but I am not, never have been. So and I were talking about that yesterday morning on the phone. It's just not fair is what he said and I agreed. But we make our own decisions in that matter don't we?

Yesterday Joe and I went to town for a little bit of shopping. I was going to buy another cellphone since mine has once again started the same thing the previous 2 phones did. The screen is completely white and I can't see my address book or anything. I called AT&T to see about getting a new one but was told that since I have had the initial phone for over 12 months they couldn't replace it. Huh? I have had three, count 'em, three of these exact phones and they have all done the exact same thing. Does anyone see perhaps a pattern here? I was told that I could turn it into insurance and have it replaced but why should I have to pay $50 for a phone that is going to do the same thing again? They offered to let me upgrade early but Joe doesn't want to renew the contract. He wants to go to prepaid and I'm not so sure that is the way to go. We have good credit, have an established cellphone account so why would we want to pay more for a phone? I need to speak to him about this. If I renew my contract now I can get a better phone, not one that will continue to break. At least I can get away from the one I have now anyway.

At least I have my daylight back though. That makes me smile.


Lou said...

Ditch AT & T. Go to Costco. Get a phone for free. And a cheaper plan.

What about me?? I challenge MC & DAAve to a race in your back forty!

Cat said...

I love daylight savings!!! The sunshine first thing in the morning is what makes my days great!

peanut said...

Yes, I like this, to us in Texas, Standard time.

It is what my internal clock functions best in.

What a glorious day in Houston on this Monday.

Ya'll take good care, kathy

Jen said...

I cant tell you to ditch AT&T that is who my hubby works for...i say upgrade girl!
And I too loved the sun light earlier...we just came in from playing outside all morning...its so nice.

Trailboss said...

Lou, I have never seen a Cosco, although I hear good things about it.

Scott W said...

When we changed the clocks Saturday night/Sunday morning we left Daylight Saving Time behind. What we now have is Central Standard Time. Anyway, glad you are happy now being back on God's time (that's what my friend Marilyn calls it).

We have a new GIANT Costco at the corner of Weslayan and Richmond, just down the street.

Lou said...

There is a Costco in Louisville.

Syd said...

Get an IPhone. You'll be entranced.

Pony Girl said...

Cell phones can be frustrating! I was having issues with my new Blackberry at first, I was so annoyed! Now it's working fine.
I used to do prepaid, it's okay but a regular plan has better options, I think!
I love the light too! So nice to not leave in the dark. Now, we're coming home in the dark though! ;(
Abbie was sure a cute pirate!!

Pam said...

Girl-I think the bigger question here is what are they running from (MC,Dave,Lou)?
I say we just sit and watch.

Trailboss said...

I'm with you Pammy!