Friday, November 21, 2008

Just a few

I meant to bring my camera to work today in order to capture more of the beautiful homes in our Lowertown area but I forgot it. Between getting up late due in part to my being put to sleep yesterday and no doubt some of that happy juice still lingering in my system and having to locate my favorite coat (which was left in Joe's truck) I was quite rushed to get out of the house this morning.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our town has had an Artist Relocation program in place for a number of years. It has proved to be very successful and the homes are just breathtaking.



Rumor has it the homeowner paid $40,000 for this giraffe.


The giraffe that appears to be eating from the balcony was the one she bought for 40k, not sure about the one grazing.


This is at the top of the house. I assume it was the original owner's name. Kinda cool huh?



Not the best picture of the "cow house" as it is called but I was in my vehicle when I took it. Paducah had a flood in 1937 which effected the downtown area. That was before the floodwall was built (and why the floodwall was built!). The story is that during the flood a cow ended up on the front porch of this house in order to get away from the raging Ohio.





See that building to the right? Those are apartments. Wouldn't that be a neat place to live? That is if I didn't love the country, horses, big dogs that I don't want to have to walk and wide open country.


Yo Momma.....don't be gettin' any ideas about moving to the city.

Don't worry Dakota, there is no way this country gal could live in the city now. I love my house way too much!


That goes for us too Mom.


Ditto for me too Mom.

Not to worry my babies. I love where I am now and don't plan on ever moving.


Lou said...

I would love to fix up one of those old homes..and live in Small
Town. Not! I love the big city & the madness that comes with it. But your town has charm, and your
love for it is refreshing.

Syd said...

These homes are interesting. They reflect several styles. I'm not overly fond of the giraffes but that's just not my taste, I guess.

MichelleSG said...

Oh I love that house with the round porch! I'd totally live there, well except I can't stand city living any more. I had to go on a business trip to San Francisco and eeww I couldn't sleep through the noise! Yeah, no more city for me.

Pam said...

Can Annie and Dakota come to my house for like Spring Break or something....SORRY NO HORSES ALLOWED.

Bill said...

I like the house with the stubby round turret.

Trailboss said...

Uh, Pam, Dakota IS a horse. You must have meant Annie and Sophie!

AlkySeltzer said...

I love the photos, as also yesterday's.

AND--I remember the 1937 flood. I was just short of 4 years birthday, when we would sit on the floor and play a gane called "SEND A BOAT--SEND A BOAT"
it was "our" game, my sister and me.

That's all we heard on the radio (all stations pooled their resources to aid in the flood-victim effort), Send a boat to (address...)

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Nice pictures. I tagged you as one of my blogging friends. Check out my blog to find out more if you want to play.


Zanejabbers said...

Those pictures remind me of the Houston Heights. There are lots of those styles of homes there. They also are building new ones of that style. Thanks.

dAAve said...

Reminds me of The Heights too.
I WANT that giraffe!

Jenn said...

I love big old homes and have always wanted one! The one I lived in as a kid burnt down two days before christmas when I was 6 :(

Carliea said...

The dog with the glasses is the cutest thing. I thought your pictures were lovely.