Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It is Confirmed

I am old.

It was confirmed today when I went to the doctor's office. What I thought might be a broken or fractured foot appears to be gout. GOUT! That is what old people get! I got a couple of shots in the arse and a script of steroids. I will start the meds tomorrow and if it is still hurting will have an x-ray done.

When I was at the doctor's office I had an order for blood work. When I walked into the lab located in the same building the nurse said, "haven't we already done this one?" I explained to her that we had not, this was a new issue. You know it's bad when the blood nurse remembers what she did to you. UGH!

But, I am still grateful for having the ability to go to the doctor today and also that it is not serious. Gotta keep that old head up!


MichelleSG said...

Ah well at least now you can use it as a random excuse to get out of things! And enjoy those steroids, they are crap for immune system but they'll make you feel like Superman, no lie! Oh and make you drink and pee like there's no tomorrow.
And don't feel bad about the phlebotomist, I had one ask me when my baby was due. I was 26 and about 125lbs....what baby? It was a woman too, you'd think she'd know better.

Pony Girl said...

What is gout exactly?
And you are NOT old! ;)
Although you did remind me I need to schedule and appointment to get my yearly physical...I skipped last year! I need to check my cholesterol level. Now that makes me feel old! ;)

hulagirlatheart said...

Hmm. I'm pretending like that ache I feel in my knuckles isn't the beginning of arthritis. Or that twinge in my knee isn't serious. Or that...oh never mind.

Mia said...

Oh girl I am old too!! In the past two weeks I have had a stomach virus AND bronchitis!! I just don't get over things like I used to : (
And I'm going to be a first time grandma in March!!!!

Sit A Spell said...

Hi, saw you over at Warm pie and wanted to say "howdy!" I had horses when I was little and love them to this day! I did break my foot this summer...first bone to EVER break...cause I too, am getting old. Next Monday, I will be EVEN older : )

peanut said...

Oh, gout isn't a sign of being old. If it was, I'd have it (teehee)

I think it's got more to do with something in the diet.
I know it's painful, a co-worker has it and, boy, he suffers when it flares up.

Good luck. I hope you can get it under wraps.

Cat said...

At least you are at a palce where you can begin to fix the problem! Just think if you never checked it out - you would be so much worse off and feel so much OLDEER!

I dunno if that makes you feel better -- hehe but I wanted to try. have a good Hump Day!


Syd said...

Gout huh--haven't known anyone with that except the kings of England! Have you been eating organ meats again? Just sayin.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

TB, sorry to hear that. For those who asked, gout is a form of arthritis. One of the causes is the build up of uric acid. One of the usual recommendations is to cut down on high-protein and high-fat foods and to ensure you take in a higher fluid intake to help flush the uric acid from the body.

Best wishes on dealing with this. Joe needs to give you plenty of TLC.


Trailboss said...

Thanks Dan for that explaination. That is just what the dr said! They gave me a shot for pain and another shot plus a methyIPREDNISolone pack. Take 2 before breakfast, one after lunch, one after dinner and 2 at bedtime, then goes down every day. Nasty little things but they work. I tell you what, that gout was very painful. It is MUCH better today.