Friday, August 14, 2009


The end of another work week is here. Whoo hoo! I look forward to this weekend. We are going to get Abby and everyone knows what that means. I haven't been taking near as many pictures lately as I usually do and I miss it. I must make up for that this weekend.

I do have something I need to share with yall. It involves this sweet girl


Her cancer is back. Well, it really never left, just got better for a period of time. Joe took her to see Jason today. He gave her a shot and upped her meds. We knew it was coming back. We can see it. For now she is feeling fine and enjoying life. She doesn't play near as much as she used to. She gets tired easier and can't be out in the heat much, but other than that you'd never know anything was wrong. It makes me so sad to know that eventually we will have to make that decision that is best for her, but I don't want to think about that now. For now I want to enjoy her and what she is to us.

Annie is truly like no other dog I have ever had. She is so smart and the communication she and Joe have is remarkable. She continues to sleep with me every night like she did when he was in Ohio. I just knew she would stay in Joe's room after he got home but she doesn't. In fact last night about 9pm she was lying in a kind of strange spot. Joe asked her if she needed to go outside. She just looked at him. I told him that she was waiting for me to go to bed. I really wasn't sure that she was but come to find out she was. When I got up and starting turning out lights, etc she jumped up on my bed and laid down. She slept there all night like she has been for a long time.

I am starting to prepare myself for what I know is coming. It is just part of it. Part of the deal. Part of being a responsible pet owner.


Scott W said...

What they give us far outweighs that heartbreak.

dAAve said...

Animals are so good at teaching us.