Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Emmeline time!

Joe had picked 8/6 as the date my newest grand baby would arrive into the world. He based it on several things including a full moon and some other weirdness that he does. He said that at 3:36pm tomorrow she would be born. Apparently she had other plans because Amy is at the hospital right now!

She had a regular scheduled appt this morning at 9:15 with her OB. She sent her to the hospital to be hooked up to a monitor for an hour and see what that little bundle of joy is doing. That is about all that I know now, but Amy called Joe and said that today was the day.

Meanwhile, Beth had a dr's appt this morning too. I haven't talked to her yet but will later on. This is going to be an exciting day! I'd better hang on!


Gin said...

He was very close though! Wow!!!!

MichelleSG said...

YAY! Hey the labor may take awhile, you never know she could still come on 8/6.

Karen said...

I love her name!

Syd said...

She can stop rotating now right?