Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random things

I am in a happy mood this morning. I love to get a good night's sleep and wake up ready to face the world and with a smile! Don't you think randomness is a good thing? Kind of that go with the flow or take the good with the bad way of looking at life. That is kind of how I feel today.

This is the planter I did after Abby and I planted the whiskey barrels.


I had to remove the large plant from it in order for everything to keep growing. Here is the plant I removed


The plant next to it is basil and parsley that apparently I can't use in my cooking because Stephanie freaks out. She says it tastes like grass. She asked me if I wash it off and of course I said yes (not that I do). She said she didn't want to eat bird poop or anything. What good is growing fresh herbs if your family doesn't want to eat it? ***sigh***

I was going to post these pictures for Joe before I found out he was coming home. He had wanted to see more of the yard and stuff.


I let the dogs out and after a few minutes I went outside to find them but they didn't come.






I couldn't find the dogs anywhere. I thought I was going to have to fire up the golf cart to get their attention but just about then here came Sophie.



Such a good girl


But where's your sister?


What is she doing over there?


That little shit has been over there grazing like she always does when she gets near the pastures.


Come on Annie. She just kept looking at me.


Meanwhile Sophie and her drool waited.



A funny thing I have learned about one difference between male and female boxers. Males drool much more than females. I think I will have only females from now on. The drooling is charming but very very messy.

Annie finally came and we went inside for dinner. I don't remember what we had but I am sure we enjoyed it.


Scott W said...

I have seen a lot of Boxers in Houston lately. Always reminds me of your girls.

Karen said...

Love the glimpse of the little red tricycle in your flower picture. You can send the herbs my way. They're beautiful.

Your dogs must think they're in heaven, having all that property to run!

Gin said...

Karen took my idea. I want the herbs if no one there wants them! Great pics!

MichelleSG said...

That really depends on the jaw of the boxer I think. My Jayne boy doesn't drool or snore AT ALL. He has a long shout for a boxer though. Roxy is our drool.snore queen. When she drinks you have to run away or she uses you as a hankie, it's bad.
Cute pics!

Syd said...

Great photos. I really like basil and other herbs in my food. Have you tried caprese--tomato, mozzarella, and basil? Great stuff.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Send the herbs our way. We'll eat them.

Annie runs to the beat of her own drummer.

Good for her.