Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Normal

Joe made it home finally. I drove to Mt. Vernon, Il and picked him and another guy he had befriended on the bus that was in the same situation as him. This guy's name is Chuck and was starting a new job this morning in Murray, Ky oddly enough for Paschall Truck Lines which is where Joe's brother Morris works. We took him to the bus station in Paducah where he waited for someone to pick him up and arrange his motel accommodations. I guess it turned out OK for him. I offered to stop by somewhere so he could get something to eat but he declined saying he had some chicken salad.

Joe and I got home about 6pm. We were so tired (especially him) that I just made us bacon and tomato sandwiches (yummmm). We ate and then just talked. The dogs were crazy when he got home. He sat in the yard and then Steph let them out. Oh my, they licked him to death. Annie kept looking over at me like "well, you said he would be home Mom and he is!"

He got in bed fairly early as he had not slept a full night's sleep in several days. He just kept smiling and saying "it's good to be home." And guess what? I slept so well last night and nary a scary dream at all. Awwwwww


fernvalley01 said...

Nice , good to have things back to normaL

Amy said...

So glad to that Joe had a safe trip home and things are back to normal.

I'm sure he feels blessed to have been able to spend time with the new baby, but what a blessing to come home and know how much you were missed and needed!

Scott W said...

No pictures?

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

I hope you gave Joe a big smooch.


Paint Girl said...

So happy to hear Joe is home! And that is so great to hear you had a good nights sleep!!

hulagirlatheart said...

There is simply