Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What was I thinking?

OK, I do NOT want to get into a political thing but yesterday we had the chance to participate in the primaries in Kentucky. Being a registered voter and responsible citizen I made my way to the little country church that serves as our voting place. I made my way in, went to the table to prove that I am me via my KDL, dealt with the 'senior citizen big time' poll worker, assisted her in finding my name after repeating it several times then proceeded to cast my vote. What I found inside the little curtained off area was a red light only on the Republican side. Huh? What's up with this? See, I had never voted in a primary before like a lot of people. Usually by the time they get to Kentucky the nominee is already decided. But as we all know this year is different.

I stood there attempting to vote for the DEMOCRAT that I wanted to be president of our great country but was denied. It seems that when I registered to vote I must have been in another world because I was registered as a Republican. I could accept the fact that I had decided at one time or another that was the party I had chosen. What I could not understand is why in the world I could not vote for who I wanted. Anyone knowing me would understand that I immediately got very pissed off (but I was a lady and didn't take it out on anyone, this time!). I did, however, find a button that provided me the option to NOT vote for the candidates on the left side of the machine, namely REPUBLICANS. So I felt like I completely wasted my time.......except......that now I know I need to change my voting information.

I don't understand why we have to pick a party anyway. When the senior poll worker asked me what party I was registered in I responded that I wasn't in any as far as I knew. She looked at me like I was stark naked and my brains were exposed and quipped "are you an Independent?" I quickly said no but if anything I was sure I was registered as a Democrat. She looked and looked which is when I helped her, bless her heart. When I found myself in the R side and not the D side I was aghast. My parents were always Democrat, as far as I can remember anyway (So, corrections if need be please).

I will wait until after November to change my voter information because I want to assure that I can vote then but I just think what happened is wrong. Why should we have to choose anyway? I like to vote for who I think will do the best job, be they Republican or Democrat. Needless to say I am still fuming but I guess I will get over it. I did wear my little tacky "I voted today" sticker while my farrier was shoeing my horses. At least I did my part.


MichelleSG said...

Well ya tried. If you want to feel a bit better about your experience I can tell you my dh's experience. We went to the polls and they asked Dem or Rep and my hubby himmed and hawed and the poll taker said (no lie) "well you're either voting Hillary or not". I'm pretty sure they aren't allowed to say such things as poll workers but dang we were aghast!

Jenn said...

I always wondered why it's like that too ! At home it's not you can just go vote for anyone you want , they don't have you on any kind of list only the one that says you are a citizen . If you hear of a crazy woman attacking a dentist office on the news that will be me ! Haha !

Scott W said...

Good for you! And you didn't give up. Here we are not registered by party, but after you vote in a primary your voter registration card is stamped with the party you voted.

Mom and Dad were both yellow dog Democrats. Dad's thinking changed as he got older, hard to say. And I do not know how he voted for the last part of his life, if he indeed, ever did vote.

Pony Girl said...

At least you tried!
Loved the pictures of the dogs playing....oh goodness they look so intense!!

Bill said...

It's a shame you couldn't get a sticker that said Dammit! I TRIED TO VOTE!!!

Be careful about waiting too long to get your voting registration straightened out. Most places have deadlines.

dAAve said...

I totally agree with you. We should always be free to vote for whomever we choose.