Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Shoes!

Those of you who are familiar with equines know that a lot of them need shoes about every 8 weeks, give or take a week or so. Well, I was a bad Momma and didn't call my farrier for a long time (oops). Dakota had lost 2 of his shoes but my mare had all four of hers. She is a Morgan and has really good feet whereas Dakota has not so good feet. Anyway, he came to the house Tuesday evening and was there when I got home from work. Stephanie had taken over and got the horses ready for him and in fact was holding the lead rope for my bitch mare while she got her new shoes. But she was not a happy camper. In fact, for the second time Joe (my farrier) had to drug her to calm her down.


Hey Mom! Look at me! I am a bit tipsy!


That is because you are unruly when someone tries to mess with your legs or feet. Don't think that I have forgotten that you bit me on the butt the other day Missy.



Then it was Dakota's turn. He is always a good boy when it comes to being shod. In fact he gets a bit pushy wanting to smell Joe. Joe cusses like a sailor, it's kinda funny.



I'm sure that if Stephanie knew I was going to take pictures she would have taken care to have dressed a little better, maybe.

Meanwhile someone is still a bit messed up!



That one is a bit blurry but that was probably how she was seeing right about then!


Jenn said...

Nice pictures,even the blurry one!

Jenn said...

Nice pictures,even the blurry one!

Jenn said...

wth ,how did that happen

Trailboss said...

You are silly jenn, that is how! Or maybe you had a shot of what my mare had!

Jenn said...

Haha funny ! God I laughed when I read your comment and since I have you here, do you happen to have a Tim Hortons anywhere near you I know there is one or two in Kentucky and since I moved here I can't get it and you can't order it online which sucks! My friend from back home has sent me a can of french van capp but now it's gone , I told my dh to get a job somewhere where they have a Tims so I can be happy and feel like home when I drink their coffee and drive thru their drive thru so far it hasn't worked out.

Scott W said...

I only have seen Tim Horton's in Canada. They are wild for that coffee up there.

Jenn said...

yes I know that's where it started and why I miss it living in Kansas now instead of Nova Scotia but I have been on their site and I know there are stores in the states and you can look where but the closest ones to me are Kentucky which is not close enough to run thru the drive thru haha.

dAAve said...

I've never had to nail my shoes on.
But I don't horse around either.

Scott W said...

Randall has his Chuck Converses nailed to his ceiling. They are the ones he used to pogo in at the punk clubs in the early '80s.

Bill said...

I haven't bought shoes in so long, I'd probably need drugs, too.

What do those wild mustangs do without shoes? Go lame?

Trailboss said...

A Mustang's hoof is like no other. It is large and round and apparently designed to withstand the life they live. Quite interesting really.