Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What? No Pink?

Yes that is right folks. I made sure to NOT put pink on the LOML this past weekend. She and I took a ride on the golf cart shortly before we left to take her back to the city.


"Look Grandmother, honeysuckle, just like at my home." Abby says home not house. Isn't that neat?


"I have one for you and me to share. I also have one for Papa Joe!"


We went around the pastures 2 times. She used to be afraid to ride on the golf cart but she decided to give it another try a while back and she loved it. The horses put on a little show for us.












They kicked up a lot of dust and Abby and I hollered and laughed and laughed. It was a grand time. Not long after that I gathered all of her things and loaded her into my car. We had not eaten lunch so I stopped at Back Yard Burger for a bacon c-burger for me and McDonald's next door for chicken nuggets and a coke for her. The two of us ate at an outside table at McDonald's way in the back of the property. While we were sitting there eating Abby said "Grandmother, this is FUN!" I had to agree with her.

Life is good!


Jenn said...

How sweet!

Scott W said...

How lucky for Abby that you are capturing all this on your blog!

Jenn said...

I always wondered too, I had seen it on tons of blogs then one day someone wrote it out so then I knew I always thought maybe it was the hubby's letters for his name. I was close it's dear husband,darling husband or dickhead depending on your mood hahaha ! dd darling daughter

Zane-nawwaa said...

Horsing around, huh. Hope the dental visit went well.