Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just a Swingin'

After the slidin' Abby showed me her swingin' abilities!


"Grandmother, I want to go home with you and Papa Joe." "That is why we are here you sweet little darlin. Let's go ok?" She asked me to take pictures of her dogs first. Who was I to say no to my unspoiled baby?

This is T.J. preparing to pee on Abby's ball. How rude!


This is BearBear. He is a horny little devil!


This is Millie. She has a condition. I don't know what condition it is but she is severely overweight. She has always been that way as far as I know.


The other pup was inside. Her name is Mary Jane, Janie for short. She doesn't like to come outside much so we didn't make her. Joe and I were a little worried about the kids having 4 dogs before Abby was born but they were right, the dogs have been nothing but good for her. They mind their Momma really well.


MichelleSG said...

Hypothyroidism, the fat roundness is a dead giveaway. Is she always hungry? That's another indicator. Have her tested and if she's positive the pills are very inexpensive. You just have to have her tested a few times to get the med levels right. I paid for my college myself and had to have a job too so I was a vet tech for many years. I know way too much about doggie ailments. Don't ask me anything about horses, goats or bovines though, out of my league. Too big!

Scott W said...

What cute babies. I agree, get Millie to the Dr!

Bill said...

Those are cute pictures of The Child Saint. Millie is cute, even if she can barely move.
BearBear looks like the scrappy Cockney soldier in WWII movies who talks a big game about the ladies, but whose heart really belongs to the Gal Back Home.
T.J.!!! Get away from Abby's ball!
I had a cat with hyperthyroidism. When I rattled her pill bottle, she would come running to take her pill. Can you imagine???

Pam said...

I suffer from that condition also. It's called Eats Too Much.

Ann(ie) said...

awwww! Both Abby and Bear Bear are adorable!