Monday, May 19, 2008

Girls at it again!

I spent a lot of time with my horses yesterday talking to, loving on and grooming them. I took the girls along with me for a while. And here it goes again!


They do this little dance a lot! The Boxer breed was actually bred to kill bears so this makes sense.


Where'd she go?




Meanwhile Jones came to investigate.




Naturally nosey-butt will come and see too.


Mom, why do those dogs act so silly? They run and growl and bite at each other. Wait! I just remembered that I bit you on the butt today when you were grooming me.

Yes she did, she bit me on the butt when I was brushing her back leg. It really was my fault though because she is very sensitive with her legs and feet. I should have tied her up.


Sorry Mom :)



I'm not kidding folks. It happens EVERY time they go to see the horses. They have fun though and that is the main thing. Not to mention the exercise involved. Maybe I need to start chasing Joe like that! NOT


Jenn said...

Hey I was tagged and since I don't have any friends really on here yet and I talk to you most I tagged you , ok? you can see it over at my blog .

PAT said...

We have a Black Lab, our neighbor's granddog is a Boxer. He and our Molly always greet each other by running and jumping, as your pups do. They look like they're dancing. Champ doesn't get to visit often and it's always a treat to watch them, when they first see each other. They absolutely love each other.


Scott W said...

Your pups are so happy! Nothing better than seeing a happy dog (or a couple of dogs)!

Chef said...

Boxers! I love Boxers. In fact I AM a Boxer. Saw your post over at Maebe's and mosied over. You are beautiful Boxergirls and I loved seeing you running and dancing (?) and having a real good life. We love horses in this family too.

xoxo Chef

Bill said...

There was a bear hanging around downtown Richmond the other night, just a couple of blocks from where I used to live.
We may need to borrow your dogs.

Trailboss said...

Think again Billy Boy!