Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Garden

Actually it is Joe's garden because he does all of the work required to maintain it. All I do is reap the benefits.


He has planted tomatoes, cantaloupe, bell peppers, banana peppers, corn, squash and cucumber! Whoo hoo will I ever enjoy those items. Except the bell peppers which no one in my family likes except my son and he doesn't live with us. We'll share with our neighbors no doubt. He planted some watermelons in another area of the land. Apparently it like a bit of shade and this garden will see no shade at all.

Two days ago our mail carrier delivered my new camera to the house and after Joe signed for it she paused on her way up the stairs looking in the distance. Joe asked her if there was a problem and she said no, I just can't believe there are no weeds in your garden. He quirked that it was hard work but worth it. I'm not taking anything away from it being hard work but his handy dandy tiller does a great job of keeping the weeds out.

This is either a squash or cucumber plant. Isn't it cute?


We're all set as long as we can keep these guys out!


I have hear that human hair skattered around the garden will keep them at bay, along with the rabbits. I might just have to visit a local beauty shop and retrieve some unwanted hair items.


Scott W said...

Hair? Seriously?

Trailboss said...

Yes, the smell apparently keeps them away.

Bill said...

But then you'd have a problem with hares.