Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Holes and Moles

I know I heard something.


Something is crawling just beneath the dirt and I am going to find it and protect my family.


Dang it! Where is it?


This is not fair. I hear it but I can't get to it. Whatever will my family think?


What's the deal Sis?


Sophie, let me explain. The moles live underground. They make noises that only we can hear because of our excellent hearing. Our family doesn't even know they are there until they see the awful mounds in the yard that they make. So you see dear sister, you can't do anything about it. Let the moles be.

Ok, but can I play with some corn husks?


Scott W said...

Holey Moley, Batman!!!

Bill said...

i can haz corn husks?

My neighbor had me down for dinner Monday night, and I remarked that the corn was especially good.
"Yeah," said my neighbor, "but you're going to have corn in your poop tomorrow."
"That makes me think of that old song," I replied.
"What old song?"
"Jimmy crapped corn,
and I don't care!
Jimmy crapped corn,
and I don't care..."