Friday, May 9, 2008

The Good things in Life

I know someone who is precious. She wears pink a lot. Guess who............ha!



Here she is wearing my "farmer hat".


Hey, it only cost $1 and it is useful to keep the sun off my face.


Coming back from picking Steph up at church. Someone I know is silly!


Have I mentioned lately that this girl is the love of my life?


She decided she wanted to sit on her Aunt Stephanie's (or Sissy as Abby calls her) saddle. Whatever you want my princess is ok with me!

We never did saddle Jones up for a ride. For some strange reason Abby didn't care much about being outside this past weekend. That is really odd for her but it's okay. As long as she is with us we are happy. I would love to have her every weekend but I know her Momma would not even allow that, and that is fine because she needs to spend time with her other grandmother and her Daddy too. Besides, I am 50 and it would probably wear me out. Who am I kidding? It would totally wear me out!


Scott W said...

Do you use that ladder to get up on those saddles?

Bill said...

I'm not sure that you've ever told us how you feel about Abby.

That hat was a bargain for just a buck. I'll bet it looks cute on you, too.

Trailboss said...

I noticed that ladder, naturally, after I took about 50 pictures of my precious. Joe is using it to paint the living room area but of course he is already through with that so I guess, knowing Joe, it will sit there about another month before I finally move it.

Why Bill, I just knew I had mentioned my precious baby before. I'll be sure to say it more often from now on!