Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maters n' Such

Last weekend Joe, Abby and myself took a stroll in the yard. I was ever so pleased to see some babies already!


Joe was watering the garden with a large sprinkler and Abby had lots of fun!


"Grandmother, that sprinkler got me all wet......fix it." "Of course my precious darling, whatever you want, your wish is my command."


How about we go into town and get some ice cream? We went to DQ and had most yummy ice cream items. Abby had soft serve in a cup, I had a Reese's P-butter cup Blizzard and Joe had a brownie waffle thingy.


Yum Yum!


Abby decided to be like her Papa Joe......butt heads!


It was a wonderful ending to a most wonderful day. Abby fell asleep in her carseat on the way home but quickly woke up when we got here. It took a while to get her little butt to bed but she finally did fall asleep, and her Grandmother fell asleep right beside her because the LOML ALWAYS sleeps with me when she comes over.


Pony Girl said...

What great pics, caught Abby's joyful expression as she played in the sprinkler so well! That recess p.b. cup blizzard is sounding very good right about now!! ;)

Zane-nawwaa said...

Abby with "no pink"? It's so easy to see why she is the love of your life. Go Granny Go.

Scott W said...

That's GO GrandMOTHER GO!

Jenn said...

Nice pics , my hubby's mom's husband's grand daughter always wants to sleep with her too and kick grampy to the spare room haha ! When you have a min come visit me and answer my ? that's the only talking to adults I get all day ! I did answer you on your last post about the ? you left me.

Donna said...

What Fun pictures and a beautiful grandaughter! Came by way of Pioneer Woman! Happy day to you!

Daniela said...

Your granddaughter is adorable. I Can't wait until my grandkids are close. Right now they live in CA where my son Jon is in the Air Force. He just returned from Iraq and will be home in less than 2 months once his military service is over. I'm already jumping for joy. Imagine the pictures I'll be taking.


Carin said...

Thanks for jumping over to my site, of course I had to come over here too! Wow, does she ever have the curls or what! What a doll. Looks like you two have lots of fun together. Great pics!

Bill said...

I always say it's better to butt heads than be a butt-head.
Really, I go around saying that all the time, even to strangers.