Sunday, May 4, 2008


We started our day with a hearty breakfast.


What did you put in my eggs Papa Joe?


That's OK, since Grandmother made them I know they are good. I'll eat them no matter what you put in them.


After breakfast Joe and Abby took Stephanie to church. When it was over Abby and I went to pick her up. Church ran over a bit so Abby and I waited in the car where she got really curious.



Can I drive Grandmother?


Yes my precious, anything you want you can have.

Stephanie finally got out of church and we came home. The girls decided they wanted to eat some Ramen noodles.


I don't see why you guys like that. But you do and it is cheap so I guess it is fine. I believe you like them Abby, huh?




Dang Steph! What a bite!


Such a lady.


Scott W said...

Cute that Abby's sunglasses aren't quite sitting on her nose.

No comment on the large bite.

Daniela said...

I love those noodles...probably because they are so salty. I LOVE salt. Your granddaughter is adorable. We have only boys in our family. I would love a granddaughter, but it looks like it's not happening for me. Have a great Sunday. I love love love your blog.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Cheap just made my ears perk right up. Good and cheap, that's the ticket. Abby is just adorable. By the way, what was in those eggs.
Hee Hee.

Pam said...

Hi So ;)

WEll mayo is mostly eggs. Theo loves eggs. I just feel bad giving him plain dry dog food...because...because...well..HE'S MY PRECIOUS BABY!!
So I spoon a big ol' glob of Mayo on to the food and stir it in. He inhales that.
I like bacon greese on the food also...but it's not as handy.
I used to have a dog named Softey. He was an excellent dog. I would make milk gravey everynight to go over his dog food. He lived 17 years...even with all that bacon grease in the gravey.

dAAve said...

Some great pix.

Bill said...

I've never seen people so enthusiastic about Ramen noodles.

Your page loaded like greased lightning.